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What is the difference between taking protein and bcaa's? If I am taking one, do I need the other??

BCAA's are just 3 of the over 20 amino acid's. Protein is made up of amino acids, so yes, they are in a way, the sam thing. BCAA's are considered particularly useful in muscle building, which is why you can get them in a whole separate product, offered as a pure form. The difference is that amino acids are predigested, meaning that the body doesn't have to break down and separate the parts in the digestion process. Instead, they are ready to go. 

It is hard to say if you do or do not need one over the other. I would say, if there is a possible gap in your diet, choose accordingly. For a post workout shake or a morning shake, go for doses of protein. You'll get all the essential and non essential amino acids covered in a really good pure protein mix (Whey protein isolate). BCAA's are great if you follow a good overall diet with a variety of protein sources. Take the BCAA's immediately post workout to keep your body satisfied until the next meal. 

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