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What is the best way to lose weight and become fit? I am a 14 year old girl with a BMI of 27.1 and have lost 7kg since the new year.

Wow, what an amazing achievement!  Congratulations on losing 7kg already this year!!

At 14 years of age, you are in prime position to lose weight.  Your metabolism will be at it's peak and your ability to improve your level of fitness will never be greater.  It's obvious that you're taking advantage of your age right now which is great!

Now here's the thing, a combination of both weight training and cardiovascular training is going to be optimal for weight loss.  There's plenty of information on cardio training on this website.  If you don't have any medical considerations that would inhibit you from interval training, I would suggest taking a look at this to really enhance both fitness and fat loss.

With regards to resistance training, at 14, your bones are still developing, so you need to be careful with what weights you lift.  In actual fact, you can stunt your growth by lifting weights on particular exercises that place pressure down the spine.  Another factor to consider is that at 14, your core strength would be quite weak as compared to a fully grown adult.  Consequently, this will be a major consideration with your weight training regime in order to avoid injury (you don't want arthritis in your back in your 20's!).

Now with such limited information provided to me, I cannot provide you with a specific plan.  I of course need information such as your lifestyle, medical history, injuries (if any), exercise experience etc.  What I would suggest is to get in touch with a professional personal trainer that you feel comfortable with to discuss your goals in more detail.  From there, they can tailor up a safe and effective plan to continue your weight loss and fitness improvement.

We of course offer professional personal training services, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

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