What does body sculpting mean?

"Sculpting", just like "toning" and "shaping" are all words invented by companies in an effort to confuse consumers and make more money.  I have seen plenty of these advertisements where they have a huge guy on a cardio machine and imply that he buffed up using this cardio machine several times a week.  Common sense should tell you that that's a load of garbage - it's all a money-making scheme.

Getting in shape, in theory, is simple.  A new fancy term is invented every day, but if you want to get in shape all you need to do is stick to the basics.  You have fat and you have muscle.  You can do the following:

1. Increase or decrease muscle size (just like inflating or deflating a balloon)

2. Increase or decrease muscle length (ie. your flexibility - this will not change your physical appearance)

3. Increase or decrease body fat

That's it.  Flexibility is important, but it won't make any difference in your physical appearance (unless you sit with both legs behind your head!).  The other 2 are what will make all the difference to how you look.

All those fancy terms refer to points 1 and 3.  You need to build your muscle up to a size that you are comfortable with, but at the same time have a fairly low body fat so you can actually see that muscle.  You can't change the actual shape of your muscle - just like you can't change the shape of the balloon - it either gets bigger or smaller.

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