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VPX Redline RTD Review

VPX Redline was founded on what VPX tout as their -Redline' technology developed to shred fat through inducing a shivering effect in the body. In addition to shivering, redline will also apparently make you sweat up a thermogenic storm which according to VPX the combined effects of these 2 processes results in unparalleled weight loss.



The taste of VPX Redline is difficult to pindown, I couldn't really tell if I really liked or disliked its taste. One thing for sure there definitely is a strong artificial flavour to the product, although what do you expect from a carb and sugar free energy drink. Two flavour options are available: peach mango and exotic fruit and I couldn't really split a preference for either. Both flavours do resemble their namesakes and left a strong aftertaste in my mouth reminding me of peach or berry flavoured medicine. Overall it wasn't really a bad taste, but nothing incredibility great tasting either.


Ease of Mixing

Redline RTD, -Ready to Drink' VPX has essentially taken this out of the equation for us and do a great job ensuring a smooth, well mixed product. Just open and drink.




I'm normally quite tolerable to caffeine and pre-workout stimulants so I was quite surprised by how much of a punch VPX's Redline packs. Hands down this is the most potent energy drink I've tired, sticking with the recommend dose (half a bottle) was easily enough to get me completely wired for my entire session and well beyond. As further testament to its effects, I would be highly cautious about consuming VPX around later night workouts if you wish to go to bed at a semi reasonable hour.


The effects of thermogenesis were far less noticeable. I definitely didn't experience any of the proclaimed shivers touted by VPX, however I did feel a slight increase in heat throughout my body from my regular sessions.

Fat Loss

Without supplementing with Redline on a daily basis it's hard to gauge its ultimate effectiveness on fatloss, however it's unlikely to offer any benefits if your diet and training program aren't in check first and foremost. Given the stimulative nature of the drink and it's somewhat thermogenic effect it may be able to provide a role in elevating metabolism and therefore fatloss, although this is purely speculative on my behalf.


Nutritional Analysis

With VPX's RTD Redline you have yourself a carb free, sugar free and calorie free energy drink, so if its not water, then what are you actually getting? It should be noted the Australian version (reviewed here) differs from the US version and the ingredients form a proprietary blend of: Caffeine Anhydrous (A fast absorbing type of Caffeine), Taurine, Beta-Alanine, Vitamin C, L-Phenylaianine, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine and Vitamin B-12. However, VPX have actually gone to the expense of listing the amounts of each ingredient so for once we know what we are -supposedly' getting.

Caffeine is already a well known and common thermogenic and often used in weight loss products for its touted weight loss benefits not to mention its mental focus and stamina ability. Clocking it at around 200mg per serve which is equivalent to 2 cups of coffee it's no wonder I felt rather wired, even first thing in the morning. Similarly, Taurine (150mg) and Beta-Alanine (125mg) both have stimulant and endurance type properties and should improve focus, mood, can potentially boost aerobic efficiency and offset fatigue. The other four ingredients (Vitamin C 117mg, B12 3mg, L-Phenylaianine 6mg, and N-acetyl-L-tyrosine 6mg) comprise both vitamins and amino-acids and have general health boosting properties.

In comparison to the US version of Redline which contains a number of other potential fat burning ingredients and additional sources of caffeine, VPX have definitely been forced to cut a few corners, although I can't blame them for having to comply with Australian standards. The inclusion of Beta-Alanine is a nice touch and a couple of extra vitamins and amino's does offer substantially more than your regular energy drink, however with its main energy and fat burning properties forced to be mainly reliant upon its hefty dose of caffeine, the Australian VPX''s Redline RTD falls well short of the tag of the -ultimate and fat burning energy drink'.


Value for Money

VPXs Redline RTD is available in our supplement store for $4.70 a bottle. Each bottle actually provides two (120ml) serves, so the cost per serve works at $2.35. In terms of a supplement if you wanted to use Redline of a regular basis your wallets going to take a bit of a hit.



There are two ways to look at VPX's Redline RTD, as far as the ultimate fat burning product there is nothing I can really see in the formula or in my experience that lead me to believe this was the case and as a pre-worked supplement I think there are better options out there. However, in terms of an energy drink the formula is definitely superior to that found in your regular convenience store energy drink and at better price per serve too. Where VPX's Redline might appeal are to those that don't like use other stimulant products such as Nitric Oxide but sometime are in need that extra pre-workout kick, or for those that are just seeking an energy drink that offers more than the norm.

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