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VPX NO Shotgun 644g Review

VPX NO Shotgun is a pre workout nitric oxide supplement designed to boost energy levels to get you pumped and performing at a level you never could before. There have been plenty of reviews on this supplement which are exceedingly excited about how great it is, which makes me wonder if this is really true. Here is how I break it all down.


There is a general consensus which I agree to, that this is really awful tasting. When you first crack the container open, it smells bad and you'll soon find that it tastes the same. You may agree with a minority of people who think the exotic fruit one is ok, but I found it difficult to drink.


Easy to mix in a shaker and just as easy to mix in a glass or regular water bottle, NO shotgun is pretty convenient in this way. When you shake it up it also gets really foamy at the top and it doesn't go away for a while.


While most pre workout supplements either make you feel sick or the effects diminish as you get accustomed to them, NO shotgun has got something good going on. The effects last every time you take it, and provide a great pumped effect. A lot of guys seem to be able to perform better, putting out max's or more reps that they couldn't do before. The drink should be taken 20 to 30 minutes before a workout to let it get absorbed. Once it does, you'll know. You'll feel pumped and very in the zone. However, there are a few exceptions a few people report not really noticing a difference.

If you're over 220 or 230 lbs, you may find that you need a larger serving size to get the full effect. For the few women out there who may be considering this, I would suggest taking a slightly smaller serving size, especially if you're weight in below 145lbs.


I really like this about NO Shotgun; they've put some great stuff in there, including 8 grams of BCAA's, and altogether 18g of whey protein isolate. This is good quality stuff, though a lot of people dismiss it thinking it has no effect if taken before a workout. That just isn't true; having a balanced amount of protein, carbs and fats throughout the day is more important to always maintain optimal functioning of all organs and systems at all times. In addition, having a solid amount of protein in there also helps to reduce the crash since these molecules will take longer to digest and absorb.

Value for Money

A really great value here. This product is filled with good stuff, and is probably the best pre-workout option for a lot of people. Less negative side effects but still a noticeable boost in energy levels means that you'll be more likely to put it to use, making it more worth your while.


NO Shotgun is an easy to use pre workout supplement, which also has a terrible taste. Fewer people experience typical side effects which are usually felt from taking a caffeine or sugar based pre workout supplement. There are a good number of extra high quality ingredients in there which likely help to reduce the "crash". This is a great value, and provides a balanced effect. It really does provide a noticeable boost in energy when taken 20 minutes prior to a workout.

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