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USPlabs Jack3d (Jacked) Review

Jack3d is USPlabs own pre-workout supplement designed, like most other pre-workout formulas to boost nitric oxide levels and deliver increased energy and focus, improve workout intensity and promote what USPlabs tout as -out of control' muscle pumps and vascularity. In the end it's nothing we haven't really heard before. So what really differentiates Jack3d from the competition? Well in what was really a race to the -top' with supplement companies trying to put as many ingredients into their formulas as possible in an attempt to make the ultimate pre-workout supplement, Jack3d has gone the other way. Instead their formula is based around just 5 core ingredients and contains what USP call -no fluff' aimed squarely at delivering results. Is USPlabs really onto something with this less is more approach? If the hype surrounding Jack3d is anything to go by this hopefully might just be the case.



When it was first introduced Jack3d was available in 2 flavours, Lemon-Lime and Fruit Punch. However, since this time USPlabs have also introduced a few more flavours into the fray, Grape Bubblegum (also available in our supplement store) and Raspberry Lemonade which we should hopefully also have in the store very soon.
For the most part the flavours do justice to their namesakes although nothing that will completely blow your tastebuds. Out of the two original flavours Lemon-Lime is my clear pick, although overall I did find the taste was a little weaker than what I was expecting. I can't really say there was anything wrong with it, but just thought it could have used a little more punch if it really wanted to get the tastebuds jumping.
Fruit punch on the other hand tended to go the other way and was a little too over powering, although far from unpalatable. I should also state that I'm generally not a huge fan of fruity or tropical type flavours with supplements so this also might have jaded my opinion on this one. On the whole, I felt USPlabs could do a little more with both flavours but I'm yet to try the latest two. However, I have heard good things about both so far so maybe there is some promise for an improvement on this front.


Ease of Mixing

Jack3d Mixes relatively easy in water and I typically used around 300-400mls depending on my dose. The powder does retain a little grittiness when mixed and some minor settling to the bottom of the shaker, although this seems to be the norm with most pre-workout supplements and an obvious facet of the creatine. In comparison Jack3d really mixes no worse than any of the other pre-workout supplements I've used, just don't go in expecting protein like mixability.



Let me start by saying Wow... I was actually blown away by how good Jack3d is as pre-workout supplement. To date the best pre-workout supplement I had used had been Gaspari's Superpump250, I don't quite know if Jack3d manages to trump it, but it's at very least on par and both formulas have their merits. In terms of focus and Intensity Jack3d really does it for me, I found it really got me in the zone for my workout to lift both hard, heavy and at a very high intensity and personally I don't think I've ever had such a good response in this regards with a pre-workout supplement before. Energy levels were also right up there, not quite at the peak I find with Superpump, but instead tended to be a very clean type of energy, much more consistent, zero jitters and best of all no noticeable crash following.
The only real let down for me was in terms of a sustained muscle pump, overall it was there but really paled in comparison to what I find I get from Superpump. However, the pump is probably the least important factor to me and I would much rather take a level of clean and sustained energy and focus over this aspect any day. One more plus with Jack3d was I found my body much more tolerable to Jack3d than some of the more popular competitors, and by this I mean I tended to not have to make the famed pre-workout bathroom stop, and you certainty can't help but be pleased by that .


Nutritional Analysis

What I really like about Jack3d is the fact that it's solely designed around ingredients that make an effective pre-workout product and nothing more. It also contains -no filler' that are typically found in almost every other pre-workout product on the market and commonly include maltodextrin and magnesium, the latter also well known for its laxative effect. Instead what Jack3d gives us is a simple 5 ingredient blend of Creatine Monohydrate, Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Beta Alanine, Caffeine, and 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (Geranium [Stem], Shizandrol A). I'll briefly outline the benefits of each of these below.

Creatine Monohydrate - Is by far and away one of the most proven muscle builders around. its well know to assist in providing energy to your muscles especially quick and explosive movements type movements and its ability to reduce physical and muscular exhaustion.
L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (or AAKG) - Is the precursors of nitric oxide production, which allows for increased bloody flow to the muscle allowing you to lift both longer, at greater intensities and the pump associated with these products
Beta-Alanine - Is another common substance found in pre-workout and intra-workout formulas, its benefits include increased muscular strength and power, endurance and delayed muscle fatigue.

Caffeine - One of the world's most populate drugs, helps fight fatigue, drowsiness and increases alertness. Responsible for the Buzz

1,3-Dimethylamylamine (Geranium [Stem], Shizandrol A) - Is Probably the most interesting ingredient of the formula and not something really used that often in pre-workout supplements. Essentially it's a stimulant that provides similar to ephedrine or other amphetamines although notability weaker providing both greater energy and focus. The Shizandrol A component is also known for its stimulating effects of the body and studies have also suggested it may also increase muscular strength, endurance and help delay fatigue.

By and large I really like the mix of ingredients Jack3d provides; theyall seem to have their purpose and together it has the potential to certainty pack a punch and all in a calorie free pre-workout package.

One thing however that Jack3d can't shake is the return of the infamous proprietary blend leaving us to essentially guess how much of each ingredient we're getting. With a single serve of just 5.55 grams some of the quantities of the ingredients we are likely to be getting may be a little too low to essentially be classified as effective for their intended purposes. So an additional scoop or two pre-workout may definitely be warranted.


Value for Money

Jack3d can be purchased from our supplement store for $69.70 and each tub provides 45 serves. Just be prepared for a slight shock when the tub arrives, due to Jack3d being a concentrated powder each serve is only 5.55 grams so for the total tub size you're looking at 250grams and certainly a lot smaller than the market might have you accustomed to. Breaking down the costs of Jack3d each (single) serve equate to $1.54 which also makes Jack3d one of the cheaper pre-workout supps out there. USPlabs also recommends taking 1 - 3 scoops, initially I started off at one, but over a couple of weeks as my body got use to the effects I needed to up this to 2 scoops, however I found I never really needed to go beyond this to get a good kick from the powder. In general I don't actually mind paying a bit extra for quality supplements, but when jack3d is essentially cheaper than its most of its main competitor's well it's really just the icing on the cake.



USPlabs Jack3d is like brining a new pair of lifting gloves to the weight rack. It does away with the multitude of ingredients that has become all too common in pre-workout supplements and goes back to the basics in what actually makes a good pre-workout formula. Best of all it delivers one of the best pre-workout products I've used in a long time. It does have a few minor detractors with its taste and of course the use of a proprietary blend, but overall this can't hold back the nature of the beast, in what is a pre-workout product that will essentially leave you well.....jacked. I highly recommend it.

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