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UPS Labs Pink Magic 180 Capsules Review

This one gets a great rating! This pill has good effects, even if you're taking less than the recommended dosage. Its a testosterone supplement that is actually not putting any new testosterone into your body. 


Check out the label and nutritional info; there is nothing nutritional in Pink Magic at all! There are a couple of active ingredients, including the main ingredient which is where all the magic lies, called massularia acuminate. There was a study on this stem and how it effects the body. It is what naturally raises the testosterone levels without adding extra testosterone to the system.


I like this stuff not because I get the best pump but because it has this new ingredient that other products don't have. I get a moderately good pump and feel pretty stoked before, during and after workouts. I actually don't even take as big doses that the bottle recommends, so it has lasted a little longer than it normally would.

I've used other actual testosterone supplements before but I'd rather stay on the safe side and not fill my body up with garbage that's going to ruin my hormones or something, that's why I went to a more natural product that gives similar effects. For sure, this is not as strong as a couple of the other supplements out there, but for what it is, I'm happy to use it, and I know its working cause I can feel the effects.

Value for Money

Yes, it is expensive. If you just look at the price that you're paying if you break it down to a per day value, it is expensive, even if you have a lot of money to drop on products. This is why I take a little less than they recommend, which is 2 pills per dose, 3 times per day, plus an extra one before workouts. I do 2 doses of 2 per day, and on my workout day do 3.

That being said, I'll most likely give myself a little break and then start on it again. If if find another supplement like pink magic for less I might go for it, but for the time being, its good, its working and I like the ingredients in the stuff. 


Overall, pink magic works for me. A lot of people give it slack because the makers came out of nowhere and its physical effects are less obvious than most testosterone supplements available. This is unique though, which I like. The chances of messing up my natural production of my natural hormones  in the long run isn't something I think is worth jeopardising. 

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