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Tribulus Terrestris Review

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Over the past few years, there has been much hype over various Tribulus Terrestris products that claim to assist the anabolic process of building muscle, alongside boosting one's libido.  The theory goes that it will boost testosterone levels and thus aid the muscle building process.

After trialling this product for 50 days, I try to determine whether this the holy grail of testosterone production, or simply a libido booster.


Okay there's no doubt about it.  I definitely noticed an increase in my libido as a result of consuming one capsule morning and night.  This was very apparent after supplementing for only several days.

But what about the anabolic effect of consuming Tribulus in conjunction with a resistance training regime?  Well, this product contains 100 capsules (each 625mg) to be consumed 2 times per day.  Do the maths and you'll work out that it lasted me 50 days - more than enough time to notice any considerable changes.  However ultimately I found this product to have a minimal effect on my weight lifting results.  Sure I was making good gains - but no better than prior to supplementing with Tribulus.

Whilst there is some research to suggest that tribulus may have some benefit on muscle development, the jury is still out there. Consequently I did trial this product with a fair degree of scepticism.


Tribulus terrestris is a natural herb and has been used for many years in Chinese medicine. It does have a wealth of health benefits associated with supplementation. This particular product has been standardised to 40% furastanol saponins, as is fairly typical with all tribulus products.


Various Tribulus products can cost an arm and a leg.  I managed to source it for around the $35 though, which isn't too bad.

Value was a difficult rating because it was hard to quantify the health and potential anabolic benefits from supplementing with this product. I do concede that my "trial" was not under strict testing protocol.

If you're after something to boost your libido however, this may be a very worthwhile product.



All in all, a good product if you're after a boost of your libido. Muscle development is up for debate.

There has been several studies into Tribulus Terrestris that have shown significant boosts in testosterone levels.  Some studies have also shown strength improvements, yet this is still inconclusive.

I cannot conclude from my own trial that this product is completely ineffective on it's own.  Other people would suggest otherwsie and there have been some rave reviews on this particular product. I do highly suggest that you try it out for yourself.  Please visit our supplement store to consider buying tribulus terrestris.

Overall for my tribulus review, I have assigned a rating of 3 stars. I do this cautiously because I am still unconvinced as to whether or not tribulus does have a positive anabolic impact.

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