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Top Supplements For Men

Are you still left in the dark regarding the supplements you must have? Still being bombarded by the heaps of supplement manufacturers out there who make sales pitch after sales pitch?

Any fitness freak can easily get confused as to what supplements he has to have in order to get the fit and fab body he deserves. To prevent any confusion, here are the top recommended supplements any fitness-minded bloke should take seriously:

1. Whey protein-the perfect and complete form of protein as it is an excellent source of amino acids. Whey protein is protein obtained from whey, a by-product of cheese manufactured from cow's milk. In processing whey protein, the water, fat and other substances are removed. The final product is essentially 90% protein and 1% fat.

Drinking a whey protein shake before and after a workout aids a faster muscle recovery process to delivery the results you desire. Whey protein is your best bet in terms of supplements which you should take immediately after a workout because of its rapid-fire ability to nourish worn-out muscles.

What's really impressive about this supplement is that it's not just about protein synthesis or muscle-building. It actually helps boost the immune system and fights off cancer cells because of its ability to increase gluthatione levels in the body. Another interesting fact about it is in regards to consumption among older men-those who did benefited from healthy ageing because muscle loss was kept in check as time passed.

To top it all off, whey protein is also a convenient, low-calorie snack source. Busy individuals who need to get their protein fix can simply use a shaker bottle for this.

2. Creatine-creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid that's found in meat and fish, and also made by the human body in the liver, kidneys and pancreas. It is converted into creatine phosphate or phosphocreatine and stored in the muscles, where it is used for energy.

Creatine's benefits include:

  • Fuels ATP development for sustained energy during workouts
  • Stimulates muscle growth
  • Volumises muscles
  • Assists with muscle recovery
  • Balances the body's cholesterol needs

3. Multivitamins-many have taken the role of multivitamins for granted in terms of the muscle growth aspect. This should no longer be the case.

Here are some of the roles certain vitamins play in the muscle growth process:

  • Vitamin A participates in protein synthesis that fuels the production of new muscle tissue.
  • Vitamin B3 or niacine enhances vasodilation in muscle tissues which helps give them a bigger and fuller appearance.
  • Vitamin B6 or pyrodixine is required for protein digestion.
  • Vitamin C plays an important role in amino acid metabolism.

In addition, they also have a heap of other benefits which include improved physical and mental condition, deficiency prevention, stress reduction and illness recovery. So if you're a bloke who's not getting enough fruits and vegetables, make sure to get your daily multivitamin dose.

4. Fish oil-most individuals know fish oil has tremendous cardiovascular benefits, but not too many know about its important role when it comes to your muscles. Fish oil's anti-catabolic (muscle breakdown) benefits lies mainly in its ability to reduce coritsol levels in the body. Cortisol has earned the reputation of being the dreaded stress hormone.

In addition, it also helps promote muscle growth. Recent studies indicate regular supplementation with fish oil significantly increases the anabolic response of muscle protein synthesis to amino acids.

Other great fish oil benefits include:

  • Reduces inflammation and promotes healthy joints
  • Supports mental focus and long-term cognitive function
  • Supports positive mood and well-being
  • Promotes eye health
  • Lowers risk of cancer

So there you have it. Complementing your exercise, nutrition and sleeping habits with these top-notch supplements will ensure you will be in the fittest shape of your life, ready to conquer anything and everything that stands in your way!

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