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Surviving The Silly Season

We all know the common phrase “eat, drink and be merry” but there is a way to do all of these things without wasting all of your hard work at the gym.  Here are some tips to try at your next Christmas party:

  1. Try to eat something before you go so you don’t fall face first into the buffet table.
  2. Drink as much water as you can – this will help fill you up so you don’t eat as much (plus you’ll keep yourself occupied by running to the toilet every hour).
  3. There’s no rule saying you have to drink at parties, simply holding a half filled glass in your hand will prevent people relentlessly offering you drinks.  If you want to have a drink, try to keep it to a minimum and alternate water in between drinks.
  4. Never eat from the table or passing trays, always put your food on a plate so you can keep track of how much you are eating and try not to go back for seconds.
  5. Try to fill up on salads and other low calorie foods so you won’t be as tempted by the more calorie dense foods on offer.
  6. If you know the function will not be serving healthy foods, come prepared with your own snacks or have a SMALL serving of what’s on offer.
  7. If you are not prepared and you need to eat then go for the ‘best’ of the bad options and try to have less.
  8. Eat something that will fill you up rather than endless hors d'oeuvres which will leave you feeling hungry for more.
  9. When you know you’ve had enough, keep your mouth occupied by chewing gum or sucking on a strong mint.
  10. Dance so you can burn off those extra calories or offer to help the host so you can keep your mind off eating/drinking.
  11. Stand as far away from the food as possible!
  12. At a seated function or restaurant, ask the waiter to take away your plate when you’ve had enough (most restaurant portions are way too big).
  13. Try not to have desserts such cheesecake, pie, or cakes with cream filling (these can easily contain more than 3000kj).  Instead, have a helping of fresh fruit salad with maybe a small scoop of ice-cream.
  14. If you cant stay away from that huge slice of mud cake, have a small amount, then pour heaps of salt and pepper all over so it will be destroyed (harder than it sounds) or throw the leftovers in the bin - and don’t fish them out again!
  15. Don’t stand near the bin looking longingly at the remains (somebody hasn’t died, you’ve just saved yourself an hour on the treadmill!)

So I guess the idea is to be prepared, have a small amount of whatever you like (use some restraint) and try to keep your mind off eating and drinking.

If you go away on holiday, use these tips when eating out and if you don’t have access to a gym, use your imagination.  There are plenty of exercises you can do in a hotel room or at the park, and nothing beats walking/jogging on the beach.  Don’t lay around all day like a corpse – make the most of your time and try to remain as active as possible.  But most of all, try to enjoy yourself – after all it is the holidays!

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