Supplements For Marathon Runner

Competing in endurance sports such as marathons is no easy feat. Some cover a distance of more than forty kilometres which easily tests any individual's resolve to win.

Anyone who wants to excel running marathons simply must take care of his or her body. One way to compliment the exercise, nutrition and rest cycle is to supplement properly for best results.

Here are the best supplements for marathon runners:

1. Antioxidants-these include vitamin C and E, selenium and the carotenoids. Covering a lengthy distance during marathons increases the number of free radicals in the body. These antioxidant supplements will offset any possible damage which these free radicals can inflict on cell components.

2. Joint support-ligaments and joints are prone to damage or injury during marathons due to their gruelling nature. Joint support supplements with glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM should fit the bill here.

Glucosamine prevents inflammation and promotes repair and growth in joint and cartilage tissues. On the other hand, chondroitin ensures optimum cartilage health. Lastly, MSM equips the tissues with sulphur for healing and growth.

3. Protein-protein is king when it comes to muscle repair. Adequate protein in the body ensures a marathoner's muscles will be able to recover and repair sooner than later.

Fitness experts emphasise adequate protein supplementation regularly, especially during training prior to marathons because they take a toll on one's muscles. Making sure the muscles are in tip-top shape will help a marathoner gain more speed and stamina during the race.

An excellent choice here would be whey protein supplements, especially hydrolysed whey protein isolates which are absorbed rapidly the muscles to facilitate faster protein synthesis or muscle building.

4. Fatty acids-these supplements provide lubrication and protection for the joints, which are susceptible to wear and tear after years of running in marathons. Their anti-inflammatory prowess is of great use to competitors.

Fish oil supplements which are abundant in omega-3 fatty acids are an excellent choice.

5. Glutamine-this is the most abundant amino acid in the human body. Its main benefit is its ability to preserve muscle tissue that is already built. The more muscles preserved, the better it would be for the marathon runner to ensure a strong showing and a well-conditioned body for subsequent competitions.

6. Iron-this mineral is vital because it facilitates efficient oxygen transfer to the muscles. If iron levels are inadequate, this may lead to extreme fatigue and increased susceptibility to colds.

As a parting shot, these supplements will not only help any prospective marathoner get over the hump, they will also help fuel a body that can excel for years to come. Always remember to consult your physician if you are a bit iffy about taking a supplement due to your health background or if you are taking an unfamiliar supplement for the first time.


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