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Study: 12 Week Wellness Program for Middle-aged Men

Lifestyle health and wellness is a big concern for western governments as the population gets larger and fatter. Increased rates of obesity and poor overall health means a strain on health care systems. This study was conducted to examine the viability and success of a potential 12 week program. The program was designed by the School of Public Health at James Cook University in Townsville, Queensland, for middle-aged men who were members of either a local rugby club or union.

24 participants were initially recruited, beginning with an introductory session and tests at baseline. Measures were taken for body mass, body composition, waist circumference (girth), and BMI (body mass index). The program consisted of group circuit training 1 time per week, as well as educational sessions once per week, for 10 consecutive weeks. In the final week, and following the study, the participants were given evaluation questionnaires and final tests.

Only 14 participants data was collected, as they were the only ones to continue to the end of the program. The final tests revealed that the program had caused a decrease in all health measures, including body weight, girth measures, and BMI. In addition, the participants mentioned several other health and wellness benefits and a desire to continue the regular activity.

The loss of nearly half the participants along the way should be noted. Though the program had good results, it was not necessarily motivating or encouraging enough to the 10 who dropped off. Further investigation will help to determine how to get this demographic to find success with regular physical activity.

Finally, the educational sessions appeared to have no significant impact, as the participants showed no increase in healthy lifestyle knowledge.


Sealy RM, Twomey, J, Pringle, FA, Cheffins T, Gupta, S. 2013. "A 12-week lifestyle intervention for middle-aged, overweight men who are supporters of local sporting clubs" School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences, James Cook University , Townsville, Queensland , Australia.

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