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Sports Supplements - See Through The CRAP!

So you have been training now for a while and are experiencing good results. You are noticeably stronger, leaner and have more energy. You are loving your increasing results and as are result you are starting to focus more on the whole picture, namely good nutrition. You feel as though now is the time you invest in some SPORTS SUPPLEMENTS.

Hey, did you know that the majority of Supplement Companies and retailers are only concerned with one thing and it ain't results, well they do want you to get leaner, but from your WALLET. Most don't particularly give a crap if you are getting stronger, leaner or more muscular, as long as you are giving them your hard earned money.

Don't get me wrong. Some companies are very good and are really making advances in increasing the products available, but for every good company there are a heap of bad companies who follow who are coping their example and trying to 'make a buck'. To the majority of companies they see the fitness industry as a money making machine, making themselves rich and you frustrated. In the past company heads used to be the nerdy type, non-trainer who knew all about business. Don't get me wrong, sports supplements are great as I myself use my fair share, but education is the key. I will show you how YOU can make smarter choices in what you buy, generating the results that you so desperately want to achieve and reducing the chance of getting ripped off.

If it's too good to be true, it probably is

How many times have you seen an ad in a magazine talking about SuperMegaHuge 2000. This product will put on 20 kgs of muscle in a month, reduce body fat and turn you into a sexual dynamo. Guess what, welcome to the world of false advertising. Companies will often do this to pray on the young novice lifter who really wants results. This customer has not been into Health and Fitness for long and doesn't yet realise that it is a lifelong journey. They want the quick fix.

A supplement company makes this bold claim, make their cash and move on. Ask yourself this, if the product is so good why is it off the shelves in a year and not being manufactured anymore. Answer, because it was crap to start with people have realised this. Now what is the 'honest' company to do, create a new fantastic product to take its place. You see, the cycle starts all over again. So remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you have doubts about a products claim, do as I do and 'run a mile'. If I had a choice I would rather play it safe and save a few bucks.


When a company makes a bold claim about a product they will usually do so without having ever performed any research on it for themselves. What do I mean by research, I mean testing the product to see if it actually WORKS. The supplement industry is a 'monkey see, monkey do' industry for a lot of people. If company X releases a new product with all the hype the unsuspecting consumer (not you because you now know better) will race out and buy some. Now another trick to sell crap is to make it really expensive. Now you think, 'if it's expensive its gotta work hey', so this makes company X a lot of money. Company Y wants a piece of the action and releases their own version of the product. Now as far as Company Y is concerned they don't care if it works, they are getting their share of the pie. You will often hear from the supplement companies say that it's expensive to conduct or fund research. Well how much money do you think they make each year by deceit, lies or down right ignorance. A lot and as far as I am concerned I think they should start giving something back and treating their consumers as their main priority.

MethoxyIsoflavone is a perfect example of a supplement that is completely backed by marketing and not by science. This will make the product sell for a short time while the consumers are persuaded by the advertising. In the end, like many supplements before it, it will fall by the wayside. The only winners are the supplement companies that rake in the money selling this ineffective supplement. Knowing what you want before you buy.

How many times have you gone into the health food store wanting to buy a certain product only to leave 10 minutes later with a completely different product and a hole in your wallet. This is not the stores fault. They are trying to make a sale. What you need to do is have a clear idea in your mind of what you want and be able to answer the following questions:

  • Why am I buying this product

  • What is my budget

  • What is the most reputable brand

  • What am I expecting this product to do for me

  • Is this product necessary to achieving my fitness goals.

Everyone has different needs, wants and desires. Do not let the vast range of products on the shelf distract you from what you really want. If you are trying to lose unwanted body fat you do not go into the store wanting to buy a high calorie weight gainer. You would go into the store with the knowledge of what you are looking for, how much you want to spend and the results you expect to achieve. Do not let aggressive sales tactics dictate your choice. Stick to your guns because YOU are the one who has to pay for it, YOU are the one who has to be consistent in its use and YOU are the one who wants results, not the store. You get what you pay for.

Sometimes when you are shopping around for a product you will be confronted by price. Company X sells Fatmelter for $50.00 and Company Y sells their version for $65.00. Now which one do you buy. This might seem like a no-brainer, you buy the cheaper version but sometimes this isn't always the case. Firstly, ask yourself which company has a good reputation. If Company Y with the dearer product has a really good reputation and they have been around for a few years they have a standard they must live up too. The reason they have been around for that long is because people continue to re-use their products. If people re-use a product they believe it works for them and they are getting results from its use. A company in this position has a lot more to lose if they sell a bogus product. Not only do they lose sales, but it can tarnish their reputation and in this business reputation is everything. Other times, they might have higher prices is because they are trying to cash in on their reputation, using the line that we have the name so we have the best, so give us more money.

This is another point that you must be careful about. That's not saying that Company X is bad. It might mean that they are a new company trying to get started and as an introduction offering their product as a discounted price. Maybe Company X has a smaller dose to Company Y or has a different formulation. No matter which product you choose make sure you do so with an educated opinion. If both products looked exactly the same, had the same ingredients and dosages, serving per bottle and so on I personally would buy the cheaper product. Remember, a supplement can only be 'so' effective.

Nutrition, training, mental focus and consistency are all part of the game plan as well so getting those things in order first will give the product the best chance of working for you

Consistency is the key

No matter what products you use consistency is the key. You cannot expect to gain results if you use product X for 2 days, then have a day off, then ½ serve on day four and so on. You must be consistent not only on the days that you do train but the days you do not as well. Only then will you give yourself the best chance of success. Remember this as well, supplements are only so good. You still need to focus on good, healthy nutritional habits consistency to give yourself the best chance of success.

How to avoid being Ripped Off

Unfortunately there are a lot of shady people out there who do not have your interests at heart. They are concerned with their own affairs and their own bank account to give a stuff about anything else, let alone your fitness goals. Often so, the worst people are in our own industry so you have got to be careful with what and where you spend your dollar. By following these simple points can save you lots of money and a lot of stress

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it's most probably a scam and stay well clear

  • Buy only reputable brands

  • Buy only from reputable locations

  • Avoid the hype

  • Use your judgement and do not be pressured by aggressive sales staff

  • Self testimonials are just that, they are PAID company models

  • If sceptical, ask for product research

If still unsure, save the hassle and take your partner to the movies instead Good luck and remember, always TRAIN HARD.

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