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How to Snack For Fat Loss Without Starving Yourself

5 Awesome Snack Ideas That Won't Break the Calorie Bank

You've prepped your healthy breakfast. Your calorie tracked lunch is packed in its cosy cooler bag and ready to take to work. The ingredients for your equally nutritious and delicious dinner have been bought and you know exactly how to make it.

Your diet is on point right!?

Well… it would be. If not for those pesky hunger pains between meals. If not for that delicious vending machine chocolate bar that's taunting you, laughing at you from across the office. If not for that darn energy crash, just as you're leaving work that 'forced' you to swing by the local hot chip shop on the corner.

If this scenario sounds all too familiar, just know that you certainly aren't alone! Time and time again I see my clients are able to properly prepare and track their main meals but let themselves down when it comes to snacking.

When we're talking about weight-loss, getting our diet right is imperative to our success. Unfortunately, getting your diet 60% or 70% right just won't cut it and if you find yourself too being let down by snacking, then you'll most likely be stuck in a situation where the weight simply won't budge.

However, just as many of girls starting my next 28 Day Body Transformation Challenge now know, there is another way.

'Snacking' doesn't have to be a naughty or taboo term. It can in fact be an effective method of keeping you satisfied with your diet, energised for your training and helping you avoid any trigger foods you may have.

When done right, it can be that missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to your nutrition.

To help you on your way towards smarter snacking, here are 5 awesome snacks that won't break the calorie bank:

  1. Protein shakes

An absolute wonder snack for those of us who aren't complete carnivores or just struggle to get in enough protein in general. Fat-loss, muscle building, satiety – you name it protein helps with it.

I hear protein shakes even occasionally help little old ladies cross the street… well maybe that last one was made up.

These days protein shakes come in all sorts of varieties, so there's bound to be one to fit your specific needs.

Many good quality protein shakes will weigh in at around 100 calories and with the magic of shaker cups, they make for a simple, portable snack you can take with you wherever so your heart desires.

  1. Egg white omelettes

Want to feel like an absolute master chef at breakfast time without the hours spent studying cook books?

Then egg white omelettes may just be the food for you. Depending on how many calories you're after, egg white omelettes can be a fabulous protein hit that also gives you a solid hit of vitamins and minerals to kick off your day.

Simply separate the egg whites from their yolky cousins and mix in a colourful array of vegetables (spinach, onion, capsicum and mushrooms are my personal favourite).

Often these fancy creations will finish up at 150 calories or less.

  1. Stuffed veggies

These guys can either go horribly wrong or horribly right when it comes to total calories. However, they are a great way to make vegetables fun and keep the calories down when done right.

Here's a short list of vegetables that are great for stuffing/filling with other goodies:

  • Capsicums
  • Tomatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Egg plant
  • Mushrooms

An easy way to fill these veggies is with some quinoa, seasoning, other chopped up veggies and even so lower calorie, higher protein cheese.


  1. Zoodles

God bless the guy or gal who invented the zoodle (zucchini noodle).

That's right, noodles just became a whole lot healthier and lower calorie. All a zoodle is, is a zucchini grated in such a way that it takes the shape of a noodle/ strand of pasta. Simply fry or boil and add whatever low calorie sauce and meat protein you like and you've got yourself a delicious snack option.

Try it next time you want to use pasta. Your waistline will thank me.

  1. Jelly

Yep, your favourite dessert from when you were 5 is making a big comeback in the world of weight-loss. By now you may be thinking something along the lines of 'how could such a high sugar food that tastes so damn good be a low calorie snack?

Simple. Many companies are now making jelly that contains under 10 calories per serve! Aeroplane Jelly Lite for example comes in many delicious flavours and contains just 7 calories.

Finally, a dessert that will likely burn more calories than it contains whilst eating it.

When it comes to melting stubborn fat, eating slightly fewer calories than you burn is of vital importance.

If you're unsure how to work out how much food you should be eating or even just unsure about nutrition in general than I highly recommend doing some research or seeking some professional assistance.

That's it for now from Jake and the Alpha Fitness team,

Happy toning!

Jake is passionate about helping women reach their full potential by rapidly transforming their bodies through holistic methods. To find out more, visit www.alphafitness.com.au.

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