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Is Skipping Breakfast Destroying Your Ability To Burn Body Fat?

3 Easy hacks to your morning routine so you can burn body fat throughout the day

Busy busy busy.

These days when someone asks you how you're going, one of the most common replies I hear goes along the lines of 'Oh, I'm really busy at the moment!'

It seems that in the grand time that we live in, more and more people appear to have less and less time than we did 20 or so years ago.

A study completed by Kraft found that despite almost 50% of Australians agreeing that breakfast is in fact 'the most important meal of the day', over 50% of Australians surveyed admitted to regularly skipping breakfast.

That's a whole lot of uneaten Weetbix…

Although sure, you HAVE to race of to work or the gym or Uni or all of the above, is that coffee hit enough to get you through until lunch time?

Is that busy schedule costing you the body and health of your dreams?

Is skipping breakfast destroying your ability to burn body fat?

For you, it could be.

Let's explore how skipping breakfast can affect you and how you can still burn fat, even if you're skipping breakfast:

  1. Skipping meals (especially breakfast) can lead you to overeat in other meals.

This is probably the most likely cause of extra weight gain when it comes to skipping breakfast. If we miss a meal or go for an extended period of time without eating, our body can go into a sort of starvation mode.

This starvation/survival mode can to increased hunger and a higher likelihood of storing extra calories as body fat.

Often, this will only really occur if your body isn't used to going extended periods of time without food or if the time between meals is especially long.

To overcome this increase in hunger, you could try:

  • Planning your meals ahead of time so you avoid overeating
  • Count your calories so you keep the total amount of energy you consume under what you burn
  • Eat more nutrient dense foods rather than sugary, calorie packed ones
  1. Skipping breakfast may leave you more tired throughout the morning

If you're tired, you're going to be less productive. That's a simple fact.

If you're tired for your morning session in the gym, you'll likely underperform and you won't get the full benefits from your training.

We don't want subpar results thought right?

Here's a couple of easy ways you can overcome morning tiredness without breakfast:

  • Have some caffeine – either a coffee or a natural pre-workout will work best
  • Try a short, cold shower to awaken the senses
  • Get more sleep – we're all practically constantly sleep deprived anyway
  1. Skipping breakfast can lead to poorer food choices

When we're hungrier we make worse food choices. Our body is a cruel genius and always knows how to get that quick hit of energy when your blood sugar is running low.

Yep, lookin' at you chocolate bar…

After your morning fast, it's important that the next couple of meals are rich in protein and Low GI (slow releasing) carbs. Especially if you've done a tough weights session that morning.

Perhaps skipping breakfast wasn't the real weight gaining demon that you thought it was?

If you're still eating the right amount of total food throughout the day, it really doesn't matter whether that food is split up into 5 meals or 1 meal.

Keep your total calories on track and you're good to go when it comes to dropping body fat, breakfast or no breakfast.

If the biggest problem when it comes to burning stubborn fat for you is not knowing where to start, how much food you should be eating or even the best kinds of foods for your goals, then you may want a little more help.

The Alpha Fitness team are always happy and willing to help with whatever it is that's holding you back from having that amazing, head-turning bikini body you want, this summer.

Drop us a message and let's get started ASAP.

That's it for now from Jake and the Alpha Fitness team,

Happy toning!

Jake is passionate about helping women reach their full potential by rapidly transforming their bodies through holistic methods. To find out more, visit

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