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Sam Worthington: The Worthy Fitness Warrior

The name Sam Worthington should be a household name by now. This English-born Aussie actor has made big waves appearing in movies such as Avatar, Terminator Salvation and Clash of the Titans.

Aside from being a dedicated actor, Worthington is also just as dedicated when it comes to his fitness regimen. Let us have a closer look at how he keeps himself in tip-top shape.

Fitness as a Part of Sam Worthington’s Life

Worthington has received national acclaim in Australia when he received its highest film award in 2004 for his lead performance in Somersault. He started off somewhat obscurely, landing roles in several low-budget films. He then made the transition to major studio films various genres which range from romantic-drama, sci-fi and action. 

All in all, Worthington has won seven awards which include three best actor awards. Not bad for a former bricklayer who resided in Perth.

To prep up for some of his roles, Worthington goes through gruelling workout sessions. He himself admits that this is one of his toughest challenges. In preparing for his role as Perseus in Clash of the Titans 2, Worthington trained for five or six hours daily. His routine was to get up in the morning, train for two hours, take a short nap, train again with heavy weights, eat and sleep again. 

This intense muscle-building programme was designed by Worthington’s trainer, Rodney Johnson. Johnson is also the trainer of Christian Bale, the actor who portrays Batman in the superhero’s latest theatre releases. 

Worthington’s training programme incorporates supersets with a quick set of abs exercises in between. This allows him to maintain a maximum heart rate which in turn leads to burning extra fat while building muscle. Note that three supersets for each major superset group are to be done in succession without breaking. The only major rest periods consist of two three-minute breaks between major superset groups A and B. A closer look at his regimen reveals how challenging it is:

SUPERSET A (three supersets): 12 reps of squats paired with 12 reps of standing lateral raises. Twenty-five reps of crunches to be done during the 60-second rest period between supersets.

Rest for three minutes

SUPERSET B (three supersets): 12 reps of triceps dips paired with 12 reps of seated rows. Fifteen reps of Russian Twists to be done on each side during the 60-second rest period.

Rest for three minutes

SUPERSET C (three supersets):   12 reps of incline dumbbell bench presses paired with 12 reps of hammer curls. Twelve reps of hanging knee raises to be done during the 60-second rest period. 


Worthington readily admits that he doesn’t really enjoy working out.  He understands that aside from preparing for his movie roles, fitness is an essential part of life. You may not enjoy exercising, but understand that the body is not meant to be sedentary. You simply have to take care of it by exercising regularly, eating the right way, supplementing properly and getting enough sleep. There are many forms of exercise out there that you will eventually enjoy. Find one that suits you best. Just like Sam Worthington, you will eventually make fitness one of your life’s top priorities. 

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