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RTD For Protein-On-The-Go

Ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages offer the advantages of convenience and portability to today’s busy consumers. They also provide an opportunity to incorporate exciting packaging and innovative ingredients, such as carbonation. 

Healthy RTDs are classified as follows:

1. Vegan (Herbal)—these are composed of herbs. The most renowned example is iced tea, which is normally a mixture of tea and fruit juices. Energy drinks also fall under this classification, with ginseng as a popular ingredient.

2. Dairy—these are further classified into two sub-categories:

a. Milk and Yoghurt—this type is common and popular in Middle Eastern countries. A popular RTD in this region is known as Aryan, which is essentially fresh yoghurt mixed with salt and water. 

b. Protein RTD—this is the most popular type among fitness enthusiasts mainly because of the drinks’ high protein content necessary for muscle growth and repair. 

Generally, protein-fortified ready-to-drink beverages have the following benefits:

muscle repair

prevention of muscle breakdown

lean muscle tissue growth

increased endurance 

improved immune system function

more bioavailability of protein than from solid food

larger protein quantity per volume than solid food

A high-quality RTD can break the monotony of eating the same kinds of foods over the same period of time. A person can still meet his or her daily caloric needs even if he or she doesn’t feel like eating whole foods by consuming an RTD. 

Many of these beverages are packed with protein for lean muscle growth and repair. Some of these products even have a combination of fast-release and slow-release proteins to ensure your muscle-building goals are met.   The sustained flow of vital amino acids support intracellular nitrogen retention levels for fast muscle growth.

There have been no reported cases or findings of RTDs presenting any major side effects. Check any nutritional information which you may be wary about. This may include lactose and allergy content. It is always best to consult with a physician before consuming any unfamiliar product.  

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