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Rival Us Rival Protein Review

RivalUs Rival Whey has made its way into our spotlight. Coming all the way from Canada & boasting ‘zero banned substances’ we take a look at this whey protein & what else it has to offer!

Taste & Solubility -

RivalUs mixed amazingly easy & we even put the ‘7 second stir & drink’ (Which is printed on the packaging) to the test. It passed!

The texture was smooth to drink, however, with low carb and low fat content it was expected to be on the ‘watery’ side. As always, taste is definitely a subjective topic, however for me there was nothing that stood out flavour wise. For the review, we sampled ‘Soft-Serve Vanilla” & scored a 3/5.

Breakdown –

RivalUs Whey Protein is definitely directed towards athletes and individuals who are serious about their sport and well-being. With a 28.9-gram scoop size (As per the label), 24g is made up of protein isolates, concentrates & hydrolystaes. Making this a powerful and fast acting post workout recovery shake!

Take that and add in the Leucine (2.6g), Isoleucine (1.6g) & Valine (1.5g) BCAAs, you’ve got yourself a great muscle building protein.  The low fat, low carb & low calories in this shake make it appealing to anyone who is trying to get and/or stay lean.

Cons –

Maybe I’m a little spoiled when it comes to protein, but I’m someone who has a sweet tooth and I love a shake that makes me feel like I’m cheating, even when I’m not! Unfortunately with the RivalUs Protein, although it had a creamy taste, I still felt the texture was ‘watered down’.

However, if you’re in it for the benefits and don’t care what it tastes like, throw it down the hatch as quickly as you can to start your recovery after training!


Conclusion –
The product that RivalUs has delivered is a great lean protein! For anyone who is looking to trim down in weight and do it as clean as possible, RivalUs would be the way to go. A fast acting, clean protein that is true to the label! Get in store and try a sample for yourself and let us know what you think!

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