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Re-Emphasising Massage Therapy Effects On The Muscles

Being a bona fide fitness freak, you always go all out when you pump iron . You follow the necessary protocol for exercising: warm-up, training programme proper and cool-down. Paying attention to your nutrition, supplementation and sleeping habits are at the top of your fitness list, too.

However, you still feel sore in some body parts. This has become a frequent occurrence and you are all of a sudden left wondering why this is the case.

It may be high-time for you to consider the benefits of massage therapy for your muscles.

Here are some of them:

1. It improves blood circulation and nutritionan excellent rubdown is accompanied or followed by an increase in the interchange of substances between the blood and tissue cells which increases tissue metabolism.

Contemporary findings suggest a massage can maximise the supply of nutrients and oxygen through increased blood flow. Through this process, the muscles absorb these vital nutrients better which ultimately results in improved muscle growth and recovery. Absorption of protein and carbohydrates is most crucial following a rigorous workout.

2. A massage improves range of motion and muscle flexibilitythis leads to increased power and performance which produces more efficient workouts.  

3. It lessens recovery time between workoutsa good massage improves blood circulation which not only helps feed your muscles, it also eliminates waste products such as lactic and carbonic acid which build up after training.  

4. Massage therapy can help prevent over-trainingthis is mainly due to the sedative effect which a massage has on the body’s nervous system.

5. It reduces muscle sorenessknots are small micro-adhesions which build up in an individual’s muscles. These are the by-products of muscular damage which was inflicted during the workout. A massage reduces these knots which frees up the muscles to move more freely and ease soreness.  

As a parting shot, it may be wise to get a massage after a long week not only for the purpose of de-stressing, but to also give your muscles the benefits they have long been craving for. 





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