Product Review: Scivation Xtend

If you're like most supplement advocates out there, you have a tub or two of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) on your shelf. BCAAs have become one of the most popular supplements to pick up because of a series of studies demonstrating the numerous benefits of amino acid supplementation in regards to fitness goals. Studies suggest that using BCAAs as directed may be able to support recovery, boost lean muscle gains, and protect your from protein breakdown.


One of the most popular BCAA supplements on the market, Scivation Xtend, promises to be able to do that and much more. Let's take a look to see if this BCAA supplement can deliver on its promises.




The first thing we noticed about Xtend from Scivation is the fact that it has a higher dosage of BCAAs when compared to most brands. It is still offering you a 2:1:1 ratio BUT the dosage itself is higher. In every serving of Scivation Xtend, you'll be getting the following dosage of essential amino acids that may help you achieve your muscle building and weight loss goals:


  • L-Leucine 5 grams
  • L-Isoleucine 75 grams
  • L-Valine 75 grams


They also throw in L-Glutamine at 2.5 grams, which we feel is an excellent addition to a BCAA supplement as Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue. It's also used up the fastest during exercise so it's important to supplement with it.


Two other additions that are impressive for a BCAA supplement are Vitamin B6 and Citrulline Malate. Both of these ingredients may be able to support your recovery while encouraging muscle development.


As a whole, these ingredients working together may be able to trigger a higher level of protein synthesis to support recovery and muscle building. (1-3)




For those of you looking to avoid artificial additives, you'll be hard pressed to do so with Scivation Xtend. It contains artificial flavouring as well as artificial sweeteners including sucralose and acesulfame potassium, more commonly called Ace-K. With that said, we've seen supplements with much worse in it. In comparison, it's not too bad.


Outside of artificial additives, it is nearly impossible to find anything else that's wrong with this BCAA supplement. Given the well-designed formula, it's easy to see why this is a fan favourite. I suppose if you really are looking for a bone to pick with the supplement, perhaps you won't agree with one of the many flavours it offers.




If you are going to buy a BCAA supplement, which you absolutely need to if your goals include muscle building or fasting, then Xtend from Scivation is a perfect choice. It gives you a properly dosed formula of essential amino acids as well as several additions that only make the product that much better. Artificial flavouring aside, you are going to love this BCAA supplement.


Click here to buy Scivation Xtend.




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