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Powerful Mind, Powerful Body

When you are in the gym, have you ever noticed how it seems some people always have great work outs. No matter what else is happening around them, they always nail it. You on the other hand, one day is great, and the next, well not so great. Some days you come in so 'fired up', only to have a terrible session. On other days when things don't seem great you have a blinder.

I'll let you in on a secret. These people that you envy for their ability to have productive work outs one after the other have been hiding something from you. What you ask? Before you get carried away playing the guessing game, how about if I told you that you could have it instantly, it is free and has the ability to transform you quicker then you ever thought possible.

It is, the power of your mind. OK, I am not getting all 'new age" and crap like that but am deadly serious. By unleashing the power of your mind, you can exceed boundaries you never thought you would even ever reach, let alone pass. Your progress in the gym, and life in general could skyrocket, just by changing the way in which you view things. It's as easy as following 3 simple steps.

You must KNOW and WANT your goal. This might sound like a 'no-brainer' but you would be surprised by most people's answer. Walk into any gym and ask someone not only what they are doing, but why? How many times do you get waffle as an answer? The classic, 'I just wish I could lose these lave handles'. The way in which someone answers can determine if they will even succeed or not. Developing an awesome body is easy as; it just takes a lot of hard work. With the answer 'I just wish…' do you think they will change - NO? Why, because if they are not 100% focused and determined on achieving, they will not reach them.

When someone asks you what are your goals you should be able to give definite answers like 'win my class in my next bodybuilding competition', lose 5 kg of fat by Christmas' or 'increase my squat by 5 kg's in 4 weeks'. Only by having definite goals and deadlines will you have the best chance of success. Knowing what your goals are and the deadlines they need to be achieved will make you train and diet that much harder.

Creating a Positive MINDSET

Ok, you have heard the phrase Positive Things happen to Positive People. Well here we go again. When you have a goal, not only do you need desire, but you need to have belief in yourself. You need to view your efforts in a positive light, knowing that you will achieve your goals.

Let's take this to the gym. It's Monday morning and we have pre-decided that we will be increasing the weight on a certain exercise. If you have negative thoughts about either your performance or your ability to succeed, you will severely limit your chance of success. So what if it's a new weight, look at it positively. Don't say 'ooh, that's a heavy weight', but say 'this heavier weight will take me one step closer to my goal'. Before you even attempt the exercise, create a positive frame of mind. Know exactly what you want, and need to do. Realise what effect this increase will have not only on your physique, but your psyche as well. Create a sense of immense confidence (not cockiness though) in your own abilities and go for it.

So what if you don't get it, well at least you attempted the previously impossible. This has taken you one step closer to your goal, but more importantly, set the groundwork for the next time. Then you will be able to display more confidence because you have been in this situation before. Remember, leave all those negative feelings at the door, they have no place in your mind. Believing in your own abilities is the sign of a positive person.

Visualise, then Realise

When do you think about a particular work out. Say its Monday and you train legs today, when do you start to think about it. Believe it or not, most people don't. They do not give their training a second thought until they are in the gym doing it. This is not an effective strategy for success. You need to plan you next work out as soon as you finish the previous. In other words, you just finish training legs, you evaluate your performance and then you immediately plan for the following week. Why not worry about it until next week? Because to give yourself the best chance of success, you need a plan. You need to know what exercises you will do, the weights, sets, reps, absolutely everything about the work out planned. When you have done this, you can Visualise your session.

So what is visualising. Exactly what it sounds like. You picture yourself completing the work out ahead of time. By doing this, you help create a positive outcome. Lets say that you are going to increase to a new 'top weight'. By visualising yourself doing it successfully over and over again, it will seem less daunting when its time to do it physically. When you visualise, you create a very positive frame of mind. You can picture yourself doing it, and succeeding. If you can picture yourself doing it, then you will have a greater chance of realising it.

Would you agree that everything comes from the power of the mind? So if you know what your goal is, visualise the outcome and be positive in your pursuit, then you have given yourself the best chance of success - GOOD LUCK.

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