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Online Fitness Program

Today we re-released a brand new version of our old "AZ Training", which was an online fitness program that you could sign up to, select your goals and be presented with a 12 week road map to achieving your goals.

This new online fitness program, which we have entitled "VIP Online Fitness Training Program" (original isn't it?) is a step up from the previous "AZ Training", which is why it's taken so long for us to release!

What I'm most excited about is FINALLY being able to release the numerous instructional video's that I countless hours recording! I got some decent bloopers too (none of which are going to be publicly available!). One that I remember vividly was where I was demonstrating a standing shoulder press and lost my breath from doing too much weight! I quickly learned that trying to talk and exercise simultaneously is only possible when you actually reduce the weight to a reasonable amount!

In a nutshell, this program not only provides you access to a whole library of exercise video's and photo's, but it also contains nutritional, exercise and supplement plans to suit your specific goals.

This online fitness program is our "budget" alternative to our intensive online personal training services. Follow this link to find out more about our new online fitness training program!

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