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Myth or Fact: Fitness Strengthens Marriage

Make no mistake about it. Exercise strengthens the body. But taking it a step further, if a couple exercises together, will it strengthen their marriage?

Just recently , an article written by Barbara Duarte of the Miami Herald featured several couples. One of them are the Wilsons, Sarah and David. In spite of their busy family life which is focused on their four-month-old son Ryder, they are discovering that exercising together boost not only their marriage, but their energy levels as well. 

Attorney couple Jeffrey and Emily Klokoff are also using fitness as a means to strengthen their relationship. Each person lost at least 11 kilograms when they began staying fit as a couple in their nearby Peak Physique and Performance Gym in November of 2010. 

Husband Jeffrey says doing this allows them to spend more time together. Plus, their enthusiasm to stay fit serves as a motivation for each other. 

Lowell Crawford, a realty company in Miami, Florida, says working out by yourself can become boring. Having your spouse around to push you makes exercising more encouraging. 

Melanie Thomassian, a writer for a renowned marriage website, says exercising as a couple is beneficial in several ways:

It fosters closeness—working out together bonds the couple emotionally because you are accomplishing a challenging feat together. 

It improves intimacy—in Thomassian’s words, “The added energy and improved body image which comes from being fit and healthy often leads to a great sense of physical intimacy.” 

It reduces stress—too much stress may take a toll on either the husband or wife’s physical and emotional intimacy. Couples who exercise regularly are better equipped in managing their stress levels. Exercise also improves moves which results in lesser arguments. Lesser arguments mean a healthier and happier marriage. 

On the flip side, can exercising together actually weaken a marriage? Based on the above points, there seems to be no reason to believe that there is. 

One way in which fitness can weaken a marriage is if it’s one-sided. This means only one party is engaged in fitness and the other one isn’t interested at all. This may lead the uninterested spouse to believe that fitness may take precedence over the relationship.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Marriage is always a two-way street. The spouses have to work out their differences. If the other spouse will not budge in to any fitness advances made by the other, then a compromise is necessary. 

In any case, conquering fitness goals together strengthens marriage. It is a fact. Think of it this way: if you don’t take care of your bodies, how will your relationship blossom?  

Take advantage of whatever opportunity you have and stay fit as a couple by all means necessary. Before you know it, you will not only have re-shaped bodies but a re-shaped marriage as well! 

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