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Musashi Lysine 150g Review

This amino acid supplement provides a powerful boost of lysine, an essential for every diet.


No problems with the mixing, it was super easy to mix. Its not the same sticky texture when wet as you would find in a typical protein mix.


It doesn't really taste like anything. The serving sizes are very small, and mixing it with juice means dissolving and masking whatever taste it may have had. no odd textures. Easy to drink.


This is a straight up, specific supplement. Lysine is an essential amino acid which can be found in some of the healthier foods. If you eat a lot of junk you may not be getting enough. However, it aids in a few ways. Its suppose to help your immune system stay on track, which is important, I know this from experience, especially when you're getting close to big and important events.

Studies on the effects of lysine show that it is a preventer of cold sores, which come from the herpes virus. Personally, I wouldn't be able to comment on this one since I have never had the virus, so I don't know if this supplement would help with that for other people, but I would assume so, since the label only mentions lysine on the ingredients.

Lysine is also known for helping with the absorption of calcium. In turn, this means healthier, stronger bones. As we age, this ability diminishes, and so ensuring your full and complete nutrition can go along way to preventing osteoporosis.


Lysine is really a good thing for you. It is essential for the body and the body cannot make it. It has to come from food, and this is tough if you don't eat meat, or if you don't eat enough meat. This exists in protein rich foods like pork, red meat, and poultry. You can also get smaller amounts in some cheeses, fish, nuts and eggs. If you're a meat-eater and you eat a lot of unprocessed meats, you'll likely be getting enough of this stuff. If you only eat high protein products once per day, you may not be getting enough, especially if you're working out a lot. Keeping the muscles well fueled and the bones strong is essential to keeping your body in top shape, so this is a great product.


This is a good value for money. Lysine on its own is just one of 22 essential amino acids you'll need, so be aware that having all of them in a single serving may be a simpler solution. Overall, this is a reasonable price for an essential supplement.


Overall, this is a necessary food item. Keeping you healthy and strong, lysine is normally found in protein rich foods. If you're not getting enough, Musashi has this perfect solution for you.

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