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Mighty Lamb Meatballs


25 min (for 12 serves)

20 min (for 12 serves)



Lamb is a very good source of protein, it contains very little marbling (internal fat throughout the meat), as compared to other red meats. And it contains less saturated fat than other meat product. So, why don't you try switching to a healthier eating habit by using lamb as an alternative!


0.08 clove (0 g)
  garlic, cloves, minced
0.17 shake (0 g)
  ground pepper
0.04 teaspoon (0 g)
  cinnamon, ground
0 g
  marjoram, dried
0.33 shakes (0 g)
0.25 teaspoon (1 g)
  olive oil
0.08 tablespoon (2 g)
  tomato paste
0.17 tablespoon (1 g)
  lemon peel
2.50 mL (3 g)
  wine, white, dry
0.33 tablespoon (2 g)
  parsely, fresh, chopped
0.08 cup (18 g)
  olive oil, for frying
0.08 cup (5 g)
0.25 onion (22 g)
  onion, minced
0.08 egg (3 g)
  egg, lightly beaten
83 g
  lamb, ground, lean


1. Put 1 and a half teaspoon of olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Cook and stir in the onions until tender. Transfer to a large bowl.

2. Mix lamb, breadcrumbs, parsely, eggs and lemon peel into the bowl with the onions. Season with marjoram, salt and pepper. Let stand 1 hour in the refrigerator.

3. Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. Form the lamb mixture into small meatballs, and cook in the skillet in batches until evenly brown. Remove used oil from the skillet. Drain meatballs on paper towels, and place in a serving dish.

4. Using the skillet with oil removed, mix tomato sauce, wine, garlic and cinnamon into the skillet. Cook and stir until well blended and heated through. Drizzle over the meatballs in the dish. Serve with toothpicks.

Per Serve
647.5 kJ  (154.8 kcal)
7.7 g
Total Fat:
10.0 g
5.7 g
0.9 g
4.1 g
Total Carbs:
2.4 g
-Complex Carbs:
1.7 g
0.8 g
0.5 g
14.2 mL
0.1 g
36.1 mg
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