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Mens vs. Womens Training

How many times have you been in a gym where and man and woman both come in with the same goals, yet get different answers on how to best achieve them. You know what I mean. The guy is told to use heavy weights for low reps, and do all the basic exercises while the woman is told to use moderate weight, higher reps and moderate intensity, focusing on isolation exercises. Now I ask you this - WHY?

Now the most common answer is that men and women are different. Due to physical differences they cannot, nor should not train the same. Women should always use lighter weights and squeeze the muscle, while the men groan and sweat.

The one point I would like to know is how are they different? Get past the whole sex thing, or that women give birth etc, what characteristics to they have which will prevent them from training with heavy weights, low reps, and intensely - nothing. When it boils down to it, men and women are built pretty much the same. Both sexes are made of the same muscles, bones. ligaments, tendons etc, so why should styles of training be any different.

Yes one should train lighter when first starting out, but that goes for anyone, regardless of gender. When a person gets acclimatised to regular weight training, they should always be chasing new standards and greater development. A lot of women are discouraged from heavy weight training with the fear that they will end up looking like Arnie. Well I can tell you now, it will not happen. Women do not have the body chemistry for that to happen.

What does happen when a women trains with heavy weights is that they tone up quicker, lose fat quicker (especially in those stubborn areas), become fitter quicker and generally handle all physical situations with a lot more confidence and ability.

You see, we are basically the same, apart from a few minor (some might argue with choice of words there) differences. Regardless of who you are, there is one way to train, which will get results quicker then anything else - Overload training. There is no reason why genders cannot train alike if the style is geared towards results. Forget what the old school type of trainer is telling you, it has been proven in numerous research studies that overload training is by far the most results proving method there is, easily used by anyone of any gender.

So next time you are in the gym and someone tells you the 'truth' (men and women are different and can't train the same way), politely excuse yourself from the situation, and carry on with what you were doing - getting results. The sooner we turn our backs on mis-information, the sooner all this nonsense will be forgotten about.

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