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L-Carnitine As A Male Virility Supplement

L-carnitine or simply carnitine has established a firm reputation in fitness and health as a fat burning amino acid. It earned this reputation because it transports long-chain amino acids (fatty acids) into the portion of the cell called the mitochondria. Once in the mitochondria, fats are oxidised or burned in a process known as beta-oxidation.

Natural sources of l-carnitine include meat, poultry, fish and dairy products. It is primarily made in the liver and kidneys.

 Not too many people know about carnitine’s prowess as a male virility supplement. In fact, doctors are recommending it to improve sperm count and motility. This is especially true for husbands who are trying to make their wives pregnant with their first child, but are unable to due to certain physiological limitations. 

Clinical research in the last few decades has revealed l-carnitine is found in high concentrations in the sperm.  It also plays a part in sperm energy metabolism and quality.

For a sperm to fertilise an egg, the sperm must be mobile enough to swim to the woman’s egg. If it doesn’t move well, its chances of fertilisation are diminished. 

A study involving 100 males with reduced sperm motility or ability to swim towards an egg, carnitine intake increased sperm concentration and count, percentage of those which are motile and those with rapid linear progression.  

Another study conducted in 1995 with 47 males participating saw their sperm counts increase from 88 million to 160 million per millilitre after consuming three grams of carnitine daily during a three-month period. What’s even more interesting is the sperm motility in eighty percent of the participants increased. 

If you are a husband who is encountering some fertility problems, consult with your physician today about carnitine and its effects on healthier sperm count and motility. Who knows, after a few months of supplementation your efforts may be rewarded with the baby you have long wanted to have. 

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