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Kerryn, will rapid weight loss, rather than gradual weight loss, result in excess loose skin?


No.  I lost "only" 20 kg over an entire year with a sensible training and meal plan and I have loose skin.

It comes down to a lot of different factors, such as genetics and how big you got, but realistically, skin can only stretch so far. Once you go beyond a certain point you get stretch marks, which are breaks in the collagen fibres of the middle layer of skin - and those cannot be repaired. Once that layer of skin breaks, it ain't going to shrink back completely.

So people who lose a LOT of weight, like The Biggest Loser contestants, are pretty much guaranteed to end up with baggy skin, no matter how they go about the weight loss. I know a couple of people who lost 60+ kg and did it over more than a year, following Body-for-LIFE, and both had abdominoplasties.

Bummer, really, but being a normal weight with saggy skin is a far better choice than being obese, no matter how you look at it.

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