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I'm an ectomorph with a fast metabolism and can't build muscle mass! Is there a way of countering this? Great site by the way!

It is true that many people have relatively fast metabolisms and struggle to build muscle mass.  We are all born with a particular set of genetics that will either encourage or discourage a particular change to our physique.

Some typical traits of a person with a phenotype of an ectomorph is to have:

  • a very fast metabolism
  • small wrists and ankles
  • struggle in gaining muscle mass and also fat mass.

Naturally ectomorphs are quite skinny as a result.  It is quite unnatural for an ectomorph to be large in girth measurements.  Therefore for an ectomorph seeking to build muscle mass, it is absolutely imperative that a structured training and nutritional plan is set in place in order to allow maximal results.

A calorie overload is required in order to ensure that your body has maximal nutrients available in order to initiate the muscle building process.  Additionally, the correct muscle building stimulus must be induced via a high intensity training program.

I encourage you to read up on the numerous articles available on the website.  Two of particular interest to an ectomorph would be:

HARDGAINERS – Put an end to that skinny body NOW!
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The two other major phenotypes are mesomorph (build muscle and lose fat relatively easily) and an endomorph (build muscle and gain fat relatively easily).  Typically people are not one or the other, but often a mixture of two.

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