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I want to tone up. What exercise and supplements would you recommend?

In order to tone up, you need to perform a combination of fat loss and muscle gain.  Depending upon how much fat or muscle you currently carry, the gain/loss ratio for muscle/fat respectively may be leaning toward one side or another.  Note that we are not talking about muscle "bulking", but rather some muscle gain to provide shape and tone.

In order to build some muscle, you do need to establish a sound resistance training regime.  A gym environment would be ideal, but if you don't have access to a gym (or can't afford one), you can certainly make do at home too.  I have a number of clients with very limited training resources, yet achieve some amazing results.

You do need to develop an effective resistance training routine.  I wish I could give you a specific program to follow, but because everyone is different in their lifestyle, preferences, medical/injury history, goals etc, this is nearly impossible for me to do in such a generic context.

Nutrition wise it is vital that you establish a sound nutritional intake with healthy eating choices BEFORE considering supplements.  This means that you consume foods from a variety of food groups, consistently throughout the day and as naturally (or unprocessed) as possible.  Once this has been done, you may consider some supplements such as a protein powder and a multivitamin.  Various other supplements can promote fat metabolism, but it is important that these are used in conjunction with a well established exercise and nutritional regime, rather than relying on a particular supplement to do the work for you.

If you would like some specific advice, guidance, motivation and accountability with your training, please consider our highly intensive personal training

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