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I have tried all sorts of low carbohydrate diets to lose weight and can never last more than 2 weeks without binging!

Yeah I know exactly what you are talking about and have written a few articles on the subject. Dieting through self-deprivation is, in my opinion, very self destructive. Sure you can lose a lot of weight in a couple of weeks...but the urge to binge builds and builds until eventually you will crack. This is the biggest problem with fad diets - something I do not recommend...ever.

Low carbohydrate diets are one example of a fad diet. Unfortunately carbohydrates are completely misunderstood as a result of the media attention given to such diets as the Atkins diet. Recently, it is as if fat has been replaced with carbs as the "evil" nutrient in foods...this could not be further from the truth.

I'll take my eating habits as an example. I consume far more carbohydrate than I do fat or protein on a weight for weight basis. The reason that I have a very low level of body fat is not because I have cut out carbs. It is because I monitor what I consume in a healthy, well-rounded eating plan that I actually enjoy.  Carbohydrates actually play a very important role in my fat loss, fitness and muscle building efforts - contrary to popular belief.

If you are serious about losing weight long-term in a healthy and far more enjoyable way, I would strongly suggest that you consider undertaking the services of a personal trainer.  Please click here for more information on the personal training services I provide

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