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I have depression and want to lose weight. I have gained 23kg. Can I lose this weight in 3 months?

It is common for depression to have a significant impact on body weight.  Depression can pose a number of symptoms that can inhibit weight loss and encourage weight gain.  Some of these include binge eating, loss of appetite, poor/interrupted sleep cycles and lack of motivation, only to name a few.

Exercise and correct nutrition can have a wealth of benefits if you are suffering from depression.  For example, B group vitamins can promote proper functioning of the brain and can be important in overcoming clinical depression.  Exercise and losing weight can also promote a sense of achievement and well being that can help to improve self-esteem, self-image confidence and self-worth.

Considering your situation specifically, I have no doubt that you can lose the weight that you have gained.  If you were to apply yourself to establish new lifestyle habits that supported your desired weight loss, then you have every chance in the world to progress toward your weight loss goals.

Whether or not you can lose 23kg in three months will depend upon how your body responds to weight loss.  But here's the secret to success.  Rather than trying to lose all of this weight in twelve weeks, I would recommend initially focusing on just establishing a new routine that supports weight loss.  From there, set weekly or monthly goals.  You may lose 2 or 6kg in a month - the main focus should be that you are well on your way to your ultimate goal of 23kg of weight loss.  Take each day as it comes and continue to put one foot in front of the other.

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