I have a severe allergy to nuts. Can you suggest alternatives?

Snacking on nuts can be a healthy option for anyone undertaking a BodyBlitz challenge.  Unfortunately many people are allergic to nuts however.  Luckily there are plenty of convenient substitutes widely available.

One of the most convenient substitutes available would be a protein bar.  If you are looking at adding in some more proteins and fats (as found in nuts) - a protein bar is often comprised of just that.  The down side to protein bars is that they often contain artificial sweeteners, so use in moderation.

A can of flavoured tuna is often very convenient.  Pull open the lid, stick in a fork and away you go.  There are many great flavours to choose from - some with modest amounts of fat and others that are 98% fat free.

If you're not particularly interested in seeking to increase our protein consumption, some muesli bars will be effective.  It's important that you take a look at what's actually inside these bars and whether or not this will assist you in reaching your goals.  Many muesli bars will contain high amounts of added sugar and other unwanted additives.

Dried fruit is often a convenient substitute.  Many have a low to medium glycemic index (check out our Food Info section).  However they are extremely dense in carbohydrates (and thus calories) - so don't go overboard on these.  Fresh fruit is probably a better alternative - with many fruits having a low glycemic index, high in vitamins and a low caloric density.

Even take a trip down to your local supermarket and visit the health food section.  There you will find many alternatives that might be worth a try.

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