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I found a new rice based cereal called Abundant Earth Puffed rice. Is this a good choice as a cereal first thing in the morning?

I believe that particular care should be taken when choosing cereals - many have so much crap (put bluntly) contained within them, they are like confectionary!
The fact that it is organic is of great advantage if you're after an organic product for health concerns.  Plus, without any additives this is a really good sign.
I would be careful with rice based cereals though.  There are quite a few of them available - particularly in the health food section of the supermarkets.  The main reason why I personally stay away from rice cereals is due to the glycemic index of rice based products - most of which are extremely high.
I just performed a search for the product you mentioned on my website (in the food database part...man I love that database lol).  Abundant Earth Puffed rice turned up at:
Check out the glycemic index on it...87!  That is an extremely (extremely) high glycemic index which essentially means that the carbohydrates will be absorbed rapidly resulting in a sudden increase in your blood sugar levels.  Following exercise, this can aid in your recovery...but first thing in the morning it isn't such a good idea.
The primary reason for consuming a cereal is to fuel your body with carbohydrates after starving it throughout the night.  Therefore, personally I place a lot of weight on the importance of the glycemic index of a cereal - and the same goes for any other carbohydrate source throughout the day.  This is why I personally would recommend an oats based cereal (oatmeal, muesli) which is a much better, nutrient dense source of carbohydrates.

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