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I feel faint and dizzy during exercise. What is wrong?

Feeling faint and dizzy during exercise is not a good thing.

It may be due to a nutritional deficiency (eg. lack of carbohydrate in your diet, vitamins, minerals etc.).  Often when people go on "diets", they cut out essential nutrients which lead to adverse side effects like you have described.

It is also often the result of low blood pressure (hypotension).  Hypotension is a funny thing.  Some people have low blood pressure and are in extremely good health, particularly athletes.  Whilst their blood pressure may be well below the standard 120/80, they experience no ill-effects of this.  However, the other group of people with low blood pressure also experience the symptoms of this - feeling light headed, dizzy and faint.  People in this category are at risk of permanent organ damage due to reduced blood flow throughout the body.  This can be extremely dangerous in itself.  Persistently low blood pressure can lead to shock, a life threatening condition.

There are many causes of hypotension including dehydration, bleeding, heart disease and medications.  Have this checked out by your doctor immediately.

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