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I am dieting. I am also running for an hour 3 times a week. But I am not losing any weight!

Quite simply, if you're not losing weight, this would suggest that your caloric intake is similar to your caloric expenditure.

If you consider calories in versus calories out, if calories in is greater (eg. through eating), expect to gain weight. If your calories out is greater (eg. through exercise, metabolic processes etc.), expect to lose weight.

That said, two major aspects of your training would require attention:

Number 1 - your diet. If you decrease the calories in your diet, this will decrease your caloric intake and thus assist in weight loss. Your current intake may be too much. Other tweaks may be in order, such as meal timing, meal frequency, meal sizes etc.

Number 2 - your cardiovascular exercise. If you perform more cardio, you will increase your calories out and also assist in additional weight loss. In addition to this, have you considered high intensity interval training (HIIT) as a form of cardio? Whilst it may not be suitable for the beginner, it is definitely something worth striving for. Some studies have shown fat loss to be 9 times greater than endurance cardio. Check out the following article for more information:

The Fat Burning Zone

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