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How to Build Muscle Quickly

I will often get asked how to quickly build muscle. Unless you're going to start using certain anabolic substances that are not permitted for non-medicinal use within Australia, the answer is simple - by following an effective regime consistently.

I can truly empathise with anyone who is just starting out in the gym, because I too was in that position once upon a time. I was scrawny weighing in a 62kg (meanwhile I'm 79kg at present) and wanted to build serious amounts of muscle as quickly as I possibly could. Fortunately after speaking with some more experienced professionals, I quickly changed this "short-term" mindset into a "long-term" goal. For if I had have stayed with the focus of how to build muscle quickly, I would have been doomed for failure.

Here's why - natural muscle growth is a slow process. It isn't going to happen overnight! Ask any person who has naturally built a significant degree of muscle how long it has taken them. Some may say 6 months and others may say 6 years. It really comes down to how effective your training, lifestyle and nutritional methods are in supporting muscle growth, in addition to your genetic makeup.

Going back to training for muscle growth, I remember that I knew at least 30 people who joined a gym to try to build muscle. This was when high school had finished and everyone was trying to bulk up. That was in 2003. Fast forward to 2009 and guess what - there are only 2 people from that original group that I know of who have stuck to a weight training regime. I'm one of them and a friend is the other. Both of us have a far higher degree of muscle mass than six years ago. Everyone else hasn't made any progress at all.

As with anything in life, there are no shortcuts. It's all about dedication, consistency and a long-term approach to achieving a goal. Of course if you're after some professional assistance to build muscle, please visit our online personal training section.

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