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How do you lose weight and build muscle at the same time?

Not an easy task to accomplish - muscle gain and fat loss within a period of time does require attention to detail.  Some key issues that require attention include:

  • Correct nutrition
  • An optimal approach to training (high intensity, appropriate balance between resistance training and cardiovascular training)
  • Adequate recovery

With your nutrition, you do need to focus on feeding your body the nutrients it requires throughout the day and importantly, immediately after a workout.  This allows your body to repair itself from the physical stress it must endure during a workout.

Training is also very important.  Exercise provides the stimulus for a fitness response and hypertrophy (or muscle building).  It can also stimulate your body to burn fat far more effectively than if you were to rest.  You therefore need to undertake an effective training schedule where you consistently see improvements over a period of time.

Recovery is also extremely important.  Whilst nutrition is vital in aiding your body to repair itself, sleep, active and passive rest is also just as important.  Of course, there are many other facets to recovery though, such as a massage that may improve your bodies ability to recuperate.

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