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How Badly Do You Want Success?

Have you ever heard of the saying 'you have to want something bad enough you can almost taste it to succeed'. Do you fully understand what that means, and if so, what do you think it means in terms of your fitness/physique goals?

No matter what anyone tells you, man never survived the ice age because he was fit. No way. In fact, it was the fittest who died first. It was the lazy man who huddled in his cave with the layer of fat around his gut who survived and that who is we as a people are today. Our bodies are incredible storage machines. Given the choice, your body would much rather look like Homer Simpson then Hercules - It's just the way we are. But, just because we were dealt with a harsh hand at the beginning of time doesn't mean we should settle for it.

If you want a taught, lean physique then it is so easily achieved. There's only one catch. Whilst the answer is oh so simple, the application isn't. It requires not only dedication to training and nutrition, it requires a wholly dedicated lifestyle, one geared to producing optimal results in minimal time.

The dedication it requires to truly succeed is the catch. You don't need to be dedicated for a week or a month (say hello to yo-yo dieting), but a totally new way of life. When you tackle this animal head on like this, that's when you give yourself the best chance of success over the long haul. So how easy is it to stick too? Easy! It all depends on how badly you want to succeed.

I'm not saying that your goals need to become the central focus of your very existence, but they do need to be a priority. You can't travel through life with a hit and miss approach and expect to receive maximal rewards - especially true for your fitness goals. Generally, the more determined and focused you become, how badly you WANT them can ultimately mean the difference between success and failure.

People generally are focused when it comes to career and family, but let their own goals fall be the wayside - don't let this happen. By focusing on your goals as well and the lessened that are to be taught by following a consistently healthy lifestyle, they will carry on into all other aspects of your life. Determine who badly you want success, then be prepared to reap the rewards.

Are you prepared to let your results slip past you?

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