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Horleys Acetyl L-Carnitine 120 Caps Review

This is a product by a small company called Horleys, who have several single amino acid supplement products. I wanted to know if its dose is significant enough to make a difference, or if it was a waste of time.

Additionally, based on the directions, the 120 caps go quickly; 2 doses of 2 capsules each day, that's 4 each day, so it only lasts 30 days. This is long enough for a pretty clear trial.


Acetyl l-carnitine, also called ALCAR, is one of the non-essential amino acids which is produced in the body, with a slight modification, after being acetylated. It is also found in plants and animals, and can be absorbed easily through our food. There is no doubt that getting some of this is good for the body. There are many functions for acetyl l-carnitine, including treating depression, helping to metabolise free fatty acids, an anti-oxidant in the brain, treating Parkinson's disease and improving sperm motility.

If this sounds awesome, just be aware that it also shouldn't be taken for no reason at all. There are warnings against taking this without engaging in regular, vigorous exercise, and against, youth and pregnant women taking it. It also recommends only using it with a strict and healthy diet.  


The effectiveness of ALCAR in the system is undoubtedly essential, and effective. In this case, however, it is more a question as to whether having a supplement of it would be even more effective, and improve the rate of fatty tissue metabolisation, as it claims to do.

To find this out, I checked out the differences in in my body fat composition readings from the previous weeks, making note of the week I started on it. If it worked, by the end of the month I should have lost fat than I normally do from month to month.

The results for me were hard to tell. I slipped up on my diet a few times, and gave into some cravings on the weekend. This could have easily thrown off my results. Because of all of the other uncontrolled factors, I can't be sure that taking the supplement was very effective. I did not gain any mass, and my body fat went down by 1 lb. I am a well trained person, maybe this had something to do with it as well.

Value for Money

Its a tough call. This is just one single amino acid, and there are so many which are really important and helpful for our regular, day to day functioning. It is a great product, and no doubt has some really great overall effects, even if its not just to burn fat quicker. I would maybe find it more worth it to get more for the price I'm paying for it, since it only lasts 4 weeks.


Overall, this is a great product; it is good for health, and is naturally occurring in our bodies anyway. The prescribed dose should only be taken in accordance with specific guidelines for diet and exercise, likely because it is otherwise excessive.

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