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Hi Jay, I was actually blown away by your transformation you look hot hot hot! Just a quick question: Will doing Pump Classes build muscle tone if so how many classes a week would you recommend? Thanks heaps - Nancy

Hi Nancy - thanks for your kind comments and your question!

A while back I did a pump class to see what was in store for me.  I must say I enjoyed it, but unfortunately this style of training doesn't really assist me in reaching my personal bodybuilding goals.

Before I proceed, the term "muscle tone" tends to complicate matters.  Let's keep things simple.  There are two basic things you can do to your physical appearance:

  1. Increase or decrease muscle size
  2. Gain or lose fat

The term "toning" refers to a combination of the two.  You need to build some muscle - not so you are big and bulky - just a little bit for the "toned" effect.  Meanwhile you need to also shed any excess body fat so you can see the definition.

Now getting back to a pump class.  Whilst you will complete a full-body workout in this class, due to the number of repetitions you perform, you should treat a class like this as more a cardio workout.  You will build muscular endurance in this style of class, however don't expect to build much muscle mass.

If you enjoy the pump classes, definitely incorporate them into your training regime - it's always great to mix up your training and find something you love to do.  Make sure you go in there and train with intensity - try and set new goals for yourself each time.  I would only do a couple each week at the most.  Try and stagnate them throughout the week so you achieve some good variety.  Finally (and probably most importantly), ensure that you combine these classes with a sound cardiovascular and resistance training regime - don't rely on these classes alone.

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