Hey I'm wondering if you have any cheap bcaa not in capsules as I've been told that it will help me gain muscle.

Hi, BCAA's are "branched chain amino acids", a specific type of amino acids (which make up proteins). There are 3 of them: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. Basically, these are absorbed and distributed faster because they bypass the liver during metabolism. Check out this selection of BCAA's:



or http://www.aminoz.com.au/universal-nutrition-bcaa-stack-p-305.html

This is a short list- we have a lot of powders and RTD items that have a solid serving of BCAA's.

Basically, you can get a regular, really good quality protein mix, and take a look at the amino acid profile on the label to compare how much of each of the 3 BCAA's is giving you. Check out the reviews for flavour, and you're all set to pick one.

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