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Healthy Eating with Interval Training can Reduce Obesity

Source: Montreal Heart Institute. "Interval training and healthy eating is solution to obesity, study shows." ScienceDaily, 29 Apr. 2011. Web. 30 Apr. 2011.

According to the results of a recent study conducted by the Montréal Heart Institute Center for Preventive Medicine and Physical Activity, a healthy eating program combined with an interval training program will greatly help those who suffer from obesity. The individuals in this study showed a significant improvement in lowering their waist circumference, their body mass index as well as their overall body mass. The results of this study have researchers very excited due to the fact that the average participant in the program was able to lose approximately 5.5% of their body mass and reduced the circumference of their waist by 5.15% while at the same time increasing their capacity effort by 15%. In addition to these remarkable figures the participants were also able to decrease their bad cholesterol (LDL) by 7%.

The researchers conducting this study were physicians, kinesiologists and nutritionists. The program they participated in is known as Kilo-Actif, a program whose purpose is to help modify the habits of obese individuals and promote a more active lifestyle by educating them on the principles of healthy eating. Participants in the program committed to taking part in 2 to 3 supervised training sessions that lasted 60 minutes each time. Along with the physical activity they were also educated on the Mediterranean diet and the nutritional rules involved in it. Obesity itself can lead to cardiovascular disease, stroke, type II diabetes, hypertension and certain types of cancers.

One of the most important factors of this program is the fact that it uses the concept of interval training. This type of training is known as moderate intensity continuous exercise that is more effective in allowing its participants to lose weight quickly. This type of training is more effective because it alternates periods of short bursts of intense effort and rest periods allowing the exerciser to train for a longer period of time. Many of the individuals who participated in the program initially had difficulties doing everyday activities like shopping or going upstairs. Following the program many of them stated that they cannot go a week without putting in some type of high-intensity exercise session. They also went on to say that the Kilo-Actif program gave them not only the discipline that they needed for losing weight but also a greater appreciation of training and how it affects the body.

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