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Green Tea Helps Mice Maintain Their Figure

Researchers at Penn State University have reached a simple conclusion after examining the effects of green tea ingredients on weight gain. Joshua Lambert and his team studying agricultural sciences fed obese mice compounds that were found in green tea along with their high fat diet.

The study separated the into two identical groups. They were fed identical diets and had the same routines, with the exception that group 1 was fed a compound found in green tea call EGCG in all their meals. The group consuming the EGCG was found to gain weight 45 percent slower than the control group. This occurred even though both groups were eating the same quantities at the same times.

The second obvious result was in the level of lipids found in the mice faecal matter. It appeared that not only were the green tea mice absorbing less fat, they were also using up more of the fat they were ingesting. This dual benefit from the quantity of EGCG would be the equivalent of a person consuming about 10 cups of green tea each day.

Though it would seem unlikely, the few studies which have used human subjects to examined the effects of green tea, one or more cup per day has shown to lead to similar results, though fewer or less obvious ones. They also show a clear difference between green tea drinkers and non-consumers.

Previous studies on lean mice have shown similar results, though experimenting with overweight mice was considered more appropriate when considering the human effects. The researchers explain that only once people have hit middle age and are noticing extra weight do they consider dietary changes and increased activity levels.


Kimberly A. Grove, Sudathip Sae-tan, Mary J. Kennett, Joshua D. Lambert. (−)-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate Inhibits Pancreatic Lipase and Reduces Body Weight Gain in High Fat-Fed Obese Mice. Obesity, 2011

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