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During progressive research on the possible metabolic roles that nutrients may play in addition to prevention of nutrient deficiency disorders, a group of vitamins, minerals and enzymes called antioxidants have been identified that protect the body from chemical damage. 

Because free radicals damage biomolecules, they are responsible for ageing and causing diseases like cancer, degenerative diseases and environmental reactive contaminants. Oxygen itself also causes damage. Since both professional and recreational athletes are overexposed to more free radicals, it is very important that their diets contain the antioxidant nutrients for protection. Specifically, antioxidants protect against free radical damage and oxidation. 

Natural sources of antioxidants are most abundant in fruits and vegetables as well as grains, nuts, some red meats, poultry and fish. 

Some common antioxidants and their food sources include the following:

1. Beta-carotene—found in may food sources that are orange in colour. These include carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, apricots, squash and pumpkin. Green leafy vegetable sources of beta-carotene include collard greens, spinach and kale. 

2. Lycopene—potent antioxidant found in tomatoes, watermelon, papaya, guava, apricots, pink grapefruit and blood oranges. 

3. Lutein—an antioxidant linked to its benefits for healthy eyes.  This is found in green leafy vegetables such as collard greens, spinach and kale. 

The reason why antioxidants are ideal is because they protect the body’s cells from the damage caused by free radicals and they also help repair cell damage brought about by these sources. Antioxidants also allow the body’s cells to remain healthy and strong. When the body’s cells are thriving, the immune system is performing at its peak, and there is a lesser chance of getting a disease or an infection. In addition, when the amount of cell damage in the body is reduced, the higher the chances are of preventing degenerative diseases associated with ageing. Among these diseases are cancer, macular degeneration and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Antioxidants also prevent macular degeneration which often occurs in the ageing process. Macular degeneration means vision deterioration which may cause issues whilst driving, reading and other such occurrences. Antioxidants allow a person to see better for a longer period of time. 

Another key antioxidant benefit is it helps regulate blood sugars to prevent diabetes. Antioxidant supplements can help a person to avoid this condition and consequently, its undesirable side effects. 

Taking care of one’s overall health by maintaining a balanced nutrition plan and regular exercise routine are the keys to great health and longevity. Do not use antioxidant supplements as a replacement for a healthy diet or conventional medical care, or as a reason to postpone seeing a doctor about a medical problem. 

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