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Get Going With L-Alanine!

L-alanine is a dispensable amino acid found in high concentrations in most muscle tissue. It makes it possible for the body to convert the simple sugar glucose into energy. During strenuous exercise, L-alanine is made available to muscle tissues during physical exertion and training. It is thus an excellent addition to pre-workout energy drinks and shakes.  This is because it serves as fuel for the muscles as performance athletes (especially powerlifters and bodybuilders) work to increase power, strength and endurance. 

 L-alanine is also known as simply alanine. It aids the body during intense aerobic activity, when muscle protein is used to help produce energy. Another noted benefit is its ability to protect against the build-up of toxic substances released in the muscle cells when protein is broken down to quickly meet energy needs.  It also helps regulate and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. 

In other words, it is an amino acid that helps the body build and repair muscle tissue. It aids in the production and repair of muscles because it is a precursor to carnosine, a compound that aids in reducing fatigue and increasing the overall total amount of work that the muscles are able to do. Research studies indicate the alanine supplements can raise the level of carnosine in the muscles by up to 65 percent.   

When taken as a supplement, alanine is released by the muscles into the bloodstream. It then evolves into glucose and is released into the blood plasma. Because of its ability to stabilise blood sugar levels during exercise, alanine can help athletes with their endurance at competitive intensities. 

Many fitness experts say the biggest benefit of L-alanine is its bioavailability. This simply means the body absorbs and utilises it very well through the digestive tract. In addition, it also has virtually no side effects. 

Two grams of L-alanine is normally consumed roughly half an hour before working out. 

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