Get Fit With Glutamine

Glutamine may strike you as an unfamiliar term, but the more you get to know more about it, the more you may want to make it a part of your fitness arsenal.  Read on and get the lowdown.

Glutamine Defined 

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your blood and muscle tissues. It is synthesized by the body from another amino acid, called glutamic acid or glutamate. Both glutamine and glutamic acid can be found in protein-rich foods such as beans, red meat, nuts and fish. 

Since glutamine levels in the blood are around three to four times higher than all amino acids, it is a source of energy and fuel for your body. Glutamine is concentrated in the brain, skeletal muscles, stomach lining, lungs, heart, kidneys and liver.

Benefits of Glutamine

1. It slows the rate of muscle breakdown—less muscle breakdown leads to increased strength and endurance during intense exercise. What this means is that glutamine possesses an invaluable anti-catabolic effect by allowing you to lift heavier weights for longer durations.

2. Glutamine enhances growth hormone levels—this appeals directly to those wanting to build more muscle. Some studies suggest that 2 grams of glutamine may increase growth hormone levels by as much as four hundred percent.  

3. It enhances your ability to burn fat—your metabolism is directly related to the amount of lean body mass that you have. More lean body mass translates to faster metabolism.  Thus, burning fat becomes easier.

4. Glutamine gives your immune system an added boost—whenever you train at the fitness centre, your immune system is weakened to some degree. Glutamine steps in to help your body recover after a brutal workout.

5.  It improves mental functionglutamine transports nitrogen to the brain. This results in improved mental functions such as memory, alertness and concentration.

6. It controls blood sugar levels—whenever your blood sugar levels drop, glutamine suppresses insulin levels to help keep those levels from plummeting any further. Glycogen also stimulates the release of glycogen to restore your blood sugar levels back to normal. 

When to Take Glutamine

Since glutamine aids in the muscle recovery process, it should be taken within the first thirty minutes after your workout. Take the ideal five-gram dosage as glutamine levels can plummet by as much as fifty percent after an intense training session.

Taking glutamine right before going to bed is also a good idea as it minimizes muscle breakdown and triggers the natural secretion of growth hormone, a powerful anabolic substance.


The more you know about glutamine, the more you should make it a part of your life. Don’t just settle for what it can do to your muscles. Understand what it can do take your fitness goals to the next level. By doing that, you are well on your way to living the well-rounded lifestyle you’ve always wanted to have.  


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