Genr8 Vitargo S2 5KG Review

This carbohydrate supplement is a post-workout supplement, which can also be used during training. It is made up of carbs which do not include sugars, which is rare to see in a carbohydrate supplement. This is meant to get through the stomach twice as fast as regular carbs and be absorbed very quickly into circulation, refuelling the muscles faster than ever before.


Genr8's Vitargo S2 has no problems mixing into water, and I even experimented mixing it into my protein shakes with no problems. It mixes well into other juices, sports drinks, etc, as well.


Vitargo S2 has several flavours, but I found a couple of them to be just ok. They have a bit of a strange texture to them as well. If you can get past that and chug down what you need, you'll find it to be well worth it. 


This is where Vitargo S2 wins big time. It really has results you can feel without terrible side effects that many of the energy drinks have. Supplementing almost always has strange side effects, and the more pronounced the positive effects are, the more pronounced the unwanted side effects can be. With vitargo S2, you're getting just want the muscles need and want. If you are doing very intense workouts and throw in cardio at the end, this will take you that step further. There are a couple of ways to take this.

The first way is as it has generally been prescribed to be used. Take one serving as soon as you've completed the workout. This way, it starts your recovery really really quick, and you'll notice that your muscles feel less beat and exhausted. The second way, if you're workouts are pushing over an hour and a half, reach for a good portion of the serving to rejuvenate the muscles with carbs (rather than an energy drink with loads you with caffeine). It'll give you that little extra boost to find the energy for the rest of the workout. However, beware that the effects are not long lasting as it does spike insulin levels.


The reason this stuff works so well is because of the main ingredient. Rather than using regular simple sugars- which you do often see on carb supplements- they've got something called fractionated barley amylopectin. This stuff is highly absorbed by the digestive system, and as a result, causes insulin to spike like crazy. If this is post workout, it is fairly safe. However, this is definitely not a safe daily practice if it is not being taken after very intense training.

Besides this, there is nothing nutritional worth mentioning about Vitargo S2. There are 70g of carbohydrate per serving (about 250 calories).

Value for Money

Average to good price here, it is probably priced as it is because it is a unique blend. If you feel exhausted after workouts this would be a good investment for you; the 20 minutes following the end of a workout is essential to recovery.


Overall, this product is not nutritional, but it is effective. It is a unique post workout carb blend using fractionated barley amylopectin rather than simple dextrose like most carb supplements. If you're lacking a complete recovery blend and feel exhausted after workouts, this is likely something that is missing. Lastly, it is easy to combine with protein and amino acid recovery drinks, as long as you can get the flavours to match!

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