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Feelings of Failure with Weight Loss

If you are attempting to lose weight, how successful are you presently? Are you progressing toward your goals effectively? Do you feel successful with your attempts to date?

Often, this is not the case. For many people, attempting to lose weight can be a tiresome, demanding and up-hill battle. It can seem like no matter what you try, the weight just doesn't come off (and STAY off).

If you fall into this category, why is this so? Why, when you have the best of intentions, do you not successfully lose the desired weight and sustain this result indefinitely? Why have you yo-yo'ed up and down for the past many years, to be right back where you started (just much more tired from repeated failures)?

A famous quote from Einstein goes something like this; "You cannot solve a problem with the same line of thinking that created it". Consider this very relevant statement for a while. Does it pertain to you and your current situation?

You are currently facing a very personal and profound problem of losing weight. It may be five kilograms, it may be fifty kilograms - either way, it is a problem of significance within your life. Solving this problem may make you healthier, fitter, more vibrant, more energetic or just happier. But ask yourself - are you trying to solve this weight problem with the same line of thinking that created it? This "heavier you" mentality is exactly why you are at the weight you are at today. The way in which you think (mentally, spiritually and emotionally) transcends into your physical being. In other words, your thoughts result in actions that ultimately dictate the weight of your body.

In order to change your body weight, you need to change your line of thinking. You cannot modify your physical being and expect it to be permanently changed without recalibrating your thoughts (or, the line of thinking that created the problem in the first place). Here are examples of common approaches that you may have taken in the past which serve little-to-no use in changing your line of thinking:

  1. Diets (by restricting the foods you eat)
  2. Liposuction or other surgery
  3. Sporadic bouts of extreme exercise

All of the above suggestions do have their place in society, however they will all be ineffective if you do not modify your thought processes to avoid revisiting this same problem in the future.

Make no mistake about it, changing your line of thinking is the tough part - hence why obesity is such a prevalent issue in Australia. It is possible but ONLY if you decide to step out of your comfort zone in order to free yourself from the restraints of your current thought patterns. This takes both courage and determination because changing the way in which you think about your life in general is a very big step to take.

Let's get specific here. One of the most important steps that you must take is to rise above your short-term impulses. These "feelings of failure" are what is setting you up for failure with weight loss and ultimately preventing you from being as successful in life as you desire. Here are some examples of these feelings:

  1. "I can't be bothered exercising today"
  2. "Work was tough today, I should watch television"
  3. "I did a workout this week, I deserve a splurge"
  4. "One more packet of chips won't hurt, surely"
  5. "What difference will one more workout make?"
  6. "I really don't care if I'm overweight right now"
  7. "Ice cream is much more rewarding than what my exercise session would be"
  8. "Why bother eating healthily when you only live once?"

I'm sure you can think of several hundred variations to the above. These feelings all come across our minds from time to mind. You may have the best of intentions, but unless you put these into action you will change absolutely nothing. Just imagine if you were able to modify each of the above self-talk scenario's above (in order):

  1. "I'm not the most energetic, but I have a workout scheduled for today and that's that"
  2. "Tough day at work - nothing like a workout to clear my mind"
  3. "One workout down for the week, time to capitalise upon those results!"
  4. "This packet of chips is going to take me an hour to run off. It's not worth it"
  5. "If I skip this workout, what's going to stop me from skipping the next and the next?"
  6. "Yes I may feel miserable, but a lot of that misery is attributed to me being overweight and unhappy with myself. So I am going to do something about it!"
  7. "Whilst ice-cream may make me feel better, it's a superficial feeling of satisfaction. Plus I don't want to deal with the guilt afterwards."
  8. "My quality of life matters. I'm going to make the most of now and stop living my life trapped in a body that I don't love."

YOU and only YOU can make the necessary changes in YOUR life to achieve YOUR goals. Do yourself a favour and have a long-hard think about how your current thinking is inhibiting you from achieving your dreams.

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