Exercising to Insanity

I've quoted Einstein numerous times in many of my articles before. This blog post is no different. Einstein once famously said:

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Consider this in relation to exercise. It's interesting that many people will continue to exercise, performing exactly the same thing for long periods of time without experiencing any progress toward their health and fitness goal.

I want you to analyse what you've been doing recently and whether or not you are seeing any considerable progress. If you are, then that's great and you're obviously doing a good job. If not, you need to have a close look at what you're doing and find out what needs to be changed...because something does!

Probably the biggest trap that I see many people fall into is to perform exactly the same workout for many weeks, months or years. Some examples may include:

  1. Walking on the treadmill at 6km/h for an hour
  2. Performing 10kg dumbbell bicep curls, then 40kg bench press, then 45kg lat pulldown a few times a week
  3. Performing a circuit class regularly at the same intensity

Can you see the problem here? What these three examples have in common is that there is no reason for the body to adapt. Exactly the same workout is being performed, so the body will become comfortable with the workout. You won't become any fitter on the treadmill, you won't become stronger lifting the same weights and you won't be burning any additional calories by keeping the circuit workout at the same intensity. This approach is going to maintain your current fitness levels and is a highly ineffective way to enhance your body and mind.

Nearly three years ago, I wrote an article for Amino Z and also Australian IronMan Magazine which deals with this topic in much more detail, entitled "The Art of Adaptation". If you have been doing exactly the same thing and yet seeing minimal results, I would highly recommend that you read this article in order to change your mindset on exercise.

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